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No porn, no underage NO DRAMA
Public sex room. No porn. No underage, incest, or beastiality. No spam, repeating, or addies in main. Do not post personal information. Do not harass users in main chat or PM.
Welcome to the bar! No cams/spam/posting of personal information/porn/underage/incest/rape/beast. Public play is welcome! Tis the season for chocolate covered naughty bits!
Have a little fun in our tub! No porn, ads, or trolling. Be respectful of others, any public play and mods. Boop-Boop. I love doughnut day! Room Rules: Tis the season for chocolate covered naughty bits!
The Babble Space for Ladies, run by Ladies... Our room rules: Contact your GPR mod for assistance :) PLEASE CHANGE/CREATE STRONG(ER) PASSWORDS FOR YOUR ACCOUNTS - ty!
Tis the season for chocolate covered naughty bits! (this means you, gustrim.) Better than ACRO: http://pyx-3.socialgamer.n et/game.jsp#gam e=44, PW: Babble. READ THEM RULES THOUGH!
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