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Taboo... Share your forbidden fantasies with other like minded people. KEEP PM's/CYBER/ REAL TABOO IN PM! NO addies in main. NO UNDERAGE -18 RP. If you don't like what you see in here, don't come in here :) No drama in main!
Topic is "YOUNGER GIRLS FOR OLDER MEN". No addies. Please keep cyber in pm. Please do not advertise other rooms. No incest/underage/ageplay. Trolling and drama will not be tolerated. Enjoy your stay :)
HORNY!!! Welcum to the House of the horny!!! Cum in and find some fun or just kick back and relax. No addies in main. Please keep cyber and pm's in pm. No drama in main!
Twisted and dark. No public descriptive or graphic incest, rape, beastiality. No links, email addresses, trollers or spam in the room, and NO underage chat/rp!!
NO beastiality, incest, rape, toilet. NO underage/borderline (motherless/jailbait/primeassteens etc) UNDERAGE CONTENT = INSTABAN. Porn causes impotence!
GIRLS ONLY! Girls can get away and be safe. NO MEN OR BLUE/COUPLES/TEMPS/TV/TS/TG/COCKPICS OF ANY KIND. No addies/harassing/trolling/spamming/advertising/links. YouTube links are fine.
Because feeling so bad, feels so good.... NO cammers, spammers, trolls, or assholes, or personal links.
Big dicks and the women that love them. No links, no spamming/repeating of ANY KIND, cam whores, lesbians, guys with pink names, public fucking, assholes, trolls, fighting, or being a jerk.
BDSM lifestyle. Everyone welcome. Curious or questions? Come in and ask. Main Room: NO advertising other sites, NO taboo; rape/incest/beast. NO addies/skype, and NO drama/arguing. If you dont like this, feel free to leave. Enjoy your stay!
Happy Porn Links! Come in and have fun! Extensive public play is not allowed unless written well. No harrassing. No spamming.
Only for truely big BLACK COCK, not WHITE dicks, and the LADIES who cant get enough! This room is not for cuckholds, sissys, crossdressers, bi or gay boys! Ladies if your after women you girls have a room for that you don't need to come here please!
You find yourself in a completely white room with no corners. In the middle of the room is a white box of knee height. No matter what you do to the box it will always reappear in perfect condition in the middle of the room.
ANY type of cybering welcome in the open room! If they aren't used, they aren't sluts. No interrupting plays, grammar policing, C & P'ing other room-cyberings, or drama in MAIN. Will result in a warning/kick/ban. If you don't like what you see, LEAVE!
Women wanna be bred, men wanna breed come here to express fantasies and rps. Public Cyber is allowed (and heavily encouraged), so don't be shy !!! Just please be respectful of the others. Links are allowed (if legals) but please don't spam.
Nightclub for furries. Ask to PM someone. Ask for a drink, Rules Drama of any form, even in PMs, will not be tolerated. Only warning to people. It's National lick a friend's cheek Day
NO ONE LIKES YOUR VGA TOPIC, PANDER. Pm The Lord of the Flies and all around brave lad (khotton), The one above all (uplate) or tina to submit ideas for the nerd lounge awards. No spamming, raging, or harassing in PMs
Treat the girls like the dirty slags they are, if you PM be imaginative. No scammers, cam girls, spammers or trolls.
Spring is in the air come into the bar, have a drink, relax but just remember (Do NOT PM without permission, No DRAMA, and No Advertising!!! Bar rules -
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