Mistress Quothe and CuteLittleNeko

* Quothe steps back out. Deciding to not go over the top with the outfit, but something that still makes me feel alluring and empowered. The leather clings to my full curves, hugging my body. The slits in the dress type teddy giving me that air of teasing. Black patent knee high heeled boots with each step I take towards the center of the room. An anxious knot of excitement rises in my stomache as I look to the two gentleman. Squaring my shoulders and gripping the bag at my side more tightly I shift my attentin to Cute. Feeling that twang of lust push down my nervousness I slowly circle her, allowing the bag to fall open for hr to peek in and the silk ropes and the few toys inside. My lips fix into cocky smile, enjoying the sound of my heels on the floor. My left arm stretches out as I continue to circle, lightly raking my nails over Cute softly, as I memorize the contours of her body.

* CuteLittleNeko stands with my hands clasped before me, my eyes transfixed on the ground as i hear your rythmic steps approaching me. the loud clatter of your heals echoing throught the room as your eyes stare intently on me, causing my body almost palpable heat as you take me in. i continue to stare at the ground as my cheeks glow bright red, seeing into the bag making my eyes go wide and my mind race with fears and excitement. my gaze travels up your fabulous body taking in every glorious inch until meet your eyes, my mouth parts and i mutter out two simple words "Hello Mistress"

* Quothe stops as she greets me. Deliberatly I linger in the sudden silence, letting the tension build. Responding simply, my voice near neutral wih only a touch of a sultry cadence to it as I speak clearly. "Good afternoon, pet.." My fingers trace up her body, lightly raking my nails over the color in her cheeks as if I am drinking in her nervous excitement. Delibaretly I set the bag down directly in front of Cute. A near wicked grin twists my lips. "Arms behind your back, pet. And arch your chest out." Turning my back on her, I crouch at the bag, slowly drawing out a few lengths of rope, trustingmy orders will be followed.

* CuteLittleNeko smiles softly as i hear your voice, sweet and tender as it washes over my soul. i nod and mutter "yes Mistress" as i glance over your shoulder seeing the ropes being drawn from the bag. i bend my back causing my breasts to stick out in front of me, my nipples already erect in excitement as my arms bend behind me, my elbows nearly touching as i my body tingles with pure excitement and nervous anticipation. my teeth close on my bottom lip as i feel myself growing moist just from the ideas darting through my mind of what is to come

* Quothe straitens back up slowly and steps close to your body. I admire the angle your body cuts as my slender fingers grip your wrists in one hand. Spreading my legs I position your hands inches from my sex, more to tease my self by revealing the heat roiling off of my sex. Clamping my legs together against your hands, holding them in place, I drag the sily roughness of the ropes over your arms before carefully entwinging them around your soft limbs. Not needing to watch my work of binding your arms, I lean close to your ear, whispering softly, but loud enough for all in the room to hear. "Do you trust me, pet?" Catching your ear lobe between my teeth, I nibble tenderly before pressing my lips to your neck. My hands tightening the bonds making the knots sturdy and strong, only painful if you struggle against them while I eagerly await your response.

* CuteLittleNeko i moan softly and wiggle my fingers just out of reach of your sex as its warmth radiates into my fingertips. my eyes roll back as i focus my attention on the ropes you tie tight around my wrists and fore arms causing small burning sensations to ripple through my nerves. i hear your soft calming voice at my ear as i nod and whisper "Yes Master" giving myself up to you as i stop squirming my arms and let you take control of me. your warm lips wrapping around my tender ear lobe and down to my neck causing my spine to get overrun with tingling chills as my neck instinctively bends creating a perfect crook for your mouth to rest on

* Quothe lets a small coo of affection slip past my lips. Your reward for being so obediant thus far. Tying of the knots I whisper "Good." Having accomplished binding your arms, my hands circle to your front, delighting in the soft tactile feel of your creamy skin beneath the pads of my fingers. Needing to resist the urge to press my hips down, to have your fingers contact my flower, I further distract myself with your body, one hand caresses your breast,kneading the supple flesh, circling my fingers over the areola. Lightly pinching the already hardened nipple and drawing a forced surprised gasp. "Already so eager pet?" Releasing your body an inaudible sigh parts my life as I step away from your hand to stand before you. Taking in your face I drop my hand between your legs, travelling up your thighs and lightly dragging my digits over your dewey flower to. "Here too?" Holding my hand for you (and everyone else) to see the glistening, aromatic moisture left on my fingers. Slowly I roll my fingers, showing the way your moisture make my fingers slip against each other. My other hand cups your chin, holding your face in place to look at the evidence of your desire as I await an answer.

* CuteLittleNeko smiles softly as i feel your hand grasping around to my breats, my nipple already hard and pointing before your fingers grip it pinching down hard causing a yelp of pain from my lips. i breath heavily as you walk to my front, my back arched enough so that im presented, almost as a gift to you as i stare intently at you, my eyes flaring with lust and intens desire. unable to look completely down im taken completely by suprise as your fingers brush against my gateway, soaking themselves in my juices as my thighs clench in an attempt to hold your hand there, wanting nothing more then to have your fingers deep inside of me. i whimper softly as you enjoy my juices on your fingers as your question seems to come to me through my very soul, i nod and mutter "yes Mistress, my body trembles at the thought of you" as you guide my gaze to your glistening fingers i glance around, my eyes darting to each of the rooms patrons noticing their eyes on me causing my face to glow bright pink knowing that your going to let them watch as you control my body, and use me as your own personal toy

* Quothe smiles triumphantly at the admission. The simple declaration, bringing a static charge of pleasure to race through my nervous system. I watch your eyes scan the room, the color in your face enough to confirm to me that every eye is upon your delicious body. Acting as if no one else is there I look to my fingers. The sudden desire to taste the sweetness of your passion battles to overwhelm my senses. Looking back to your angelic face, enoying the distortion of lust evident on your features I bring my fingers to your lips. "Do not lick yet, pet." Carefully I slip my fingers over your lips, spreading the slick glisten from your pussy over your lips, glossing those lush lips. Returning behind you I test your resolve to obey by leaving those uices upon your lips. With a new length of rope I start a new knot arounf the preexisting one. Looping it down I spread your legs shoulder length apart and tie an end of the rope to each ankle. Testing the strength of the bonds, making sure they will limit your movement and not give, I press slightly on the ropes enjoying the way the extra tension pulls your arms back more, increasing the arch in your back. Standing and returning to your front, I cup your chin again, tilting your face to search for the glisten upon your lips.

* CuteLittleNeko whimpers softly as you command me to restrain myself, your fingers trace across my lips leaving a glimmering gloss across them making them tremble in desire and warmth. my teeth clench down on my tongue as i fight my every need and desire for a small simple taste but knowing i will be rewarded for my obedience. the rope ties tight around my ankels once again burning and digging into my flesh as it connects with my wrists firm bonds. every time you press on the rope pulling my body into a deeper arch causing my head to go back as i strain and cry out in despair, ever inch of my body wanting nothing more then you to have your way with me. i turn my head looking at you out of the corner of my eye trying to decipher your thoughts, begging for a clue as to what you will do to my body next. the feeling of everyones eyes on me, tied up helplessly in the center of the room causing me to feel as though a dozen spotlights were aimed at me, the heat from everyones combined gaze nearly palpable on my body

* Quothe meets your eyes with the shimmer of my emerald gaze. Approval glistens in my eyes, as they dart from the shine of nectar on your lips to your eyes. I quiver as I read the desire reflected in those portals, knowing full well the anticipation and torturous longing that must be welling deep inside her. Lowering my face to her mouth I breathe deeply the sweet smell of her desire mingling with the heat of her breath. I coo out my voice a veritable purr of approval. Devising your reward to be a test in itself I take one graceful step backwards, my eyes intent on yours. " I hadn't realized what a prized slut you are pet. I am pleased you are such a good girl. Step closer to me and claim a kiss." My tongue darts out slowly, licking over my lips in anticipation, my eyes breaking contact for only a moment to eye the ropes between your legs. "Be careful pet. I do not want to be embaressed in front of your audience if you prove to be clumsy."

* CuteLittleNeko whimpers and moans in jealousy as your tongue slides over my lips, tasting the the sweet nectar on them. i stare at your deep green eyes with my crystal blue orbs. my eyes trying to keep yours busy as my tongue slips ever so slightly between my lips tasting the remnants of my treasured juices. my fingers begin to tingle and change colors as i strain against the bindings trying to stand up straight to show you the propper respect, the ropes digging into my wrists and ankles causing deep red burns from the course strands. "i promise ma'am"

* Quothe purrs as I watch you struggle to stand straighter. Your devotion and obediance something to be treasured and thrills my senses. I nod with approval as my right hand deps between my thighs, disappearing beneath the skirt of the leather teddy dress. Sweetening your reward, my finger slips inside my soaked panties. Teasing my own velvety folds for a long moment, before withdrawing. I bring my fingers to my face, spreading my honey over my lips and puckering as if I was applying lipstick. Placing my hand out in front of me I curl my index which still shows the evidence of my lust, in a beckoning motion. "Come get your first reward, pet."

* CuteLittleNeko i watch, my eyes flaring with pure and clear admiration and pride as i stare at you. my eyes follow your hand slide down your body slippint into your panties seeing the fabric seem to bubble fron your knuckles as theygather your sweet gift from the lips. i smile warmly as i continue to torture myself trying to stand up straight before you, my tongue openly licking across my teeth as i nod "Yes Mistress, Please let me have my reward" my lips tremble as i plea, begging for the sweet taste of your lips, nothing more important to me then pleasing you in any way you desire

* Quothe steps closer my left arm circling your body as I press my leather clad curves to your nude form. My lips hover near yours for a long moment, my right hand coming up and placing a single drop of my juices upon your lips. As soon as my hand drops away, I urgently claim your lips. Dominating you with an air of tenderness I am fairly certain only you will be able to discern. The long hungry kiss draws on, allowing you to claim my juices from my lips,my tongue entwining with yours, enjoying the taste of sex that lingers in the kiss. My left arm still helping to support you, my right hand moves between your straining thighs. Fingers slipping along the pink petals of your flower, less teasing than before, coating my digits in your liquid heat. I curl my fingers index and middle fingers inside you, invading your passage quickly with a delicateness only capable from a woman. Dominating yet tender, I quiver against you while we kiss, enjoying the way your slick walls grip at my fingers.

* CuteLittleNeko moans loudly as i feel your finger pressing to my lips dropping a single drip of your liquid gold onto my lucious quivering mouth. i gasp sharply as i feel your lips pressing against mine, feeling your control over me, as i return trying to convey the message of my obedience, my desire of nothing more then to serve. i give you every inch of my tongue as your body presses to mine, everything around us, all the people, all the eyes vanishing to me as my attention falls completely to you and making you happy. my eyes go wide as i feel your gentle fingers touching my soft petals, my gateway already dripping with more of my juices, rolling down my thighs around your finger as your middle digit slides between the lips, i clench my walls around it trying to hold it in, massaging your finger in another attempt to make proud

* Quothe slips another finger inside,and slow pulls away from the kiss to watch your face as my fingers begin to piston inside you, tender at first but quickly increasing in tempo. Practiced fingers glide against your squezzing walls, overjoyed with your willingness to please. The pads of my fingertips stroking the soft spongy oval of your g-spot before pulling away and quickly returning. Your sweet juices pooling and streaming down my digits to drip off my wrist, forming a growing puddle on the floor between your legs. Occasionally I lower my face to nuzzle my cheek to yours and grind the palm of my hand to your clit while my fingers work. I linger beside your face as if absorbing the sounds of passion coming from your mouth. "Mmm, pet is so pretty, while in the throws of passion."

* CuteLittleNeko my body reacts instantly to your hand working its self masterfully along my cunt, your fingers digging quickly in and out of me making my pussy lips tremble in pleasure as they attempt in vain to hold your knuckles between them. i moan out in severe pleasure as i whimper muttering into your ear as your cheek rests against mine "thank you mistress, my body is yours, oh god!" as i feel my body being pulled further and further into an erotic abyss, my nerves tingling almost as if i were falling through space and time with you. "oh Mistress, im cumming!" as my body fails to maintain control and i gush my juices out around the sides of your finger, my body falling numbly into you as i lean panting continuing to orgasm as i twitch and pulsate around your fingers.

* Quothe drinks in your pleasure. The bliss rolling of your body. The waves of urgency coming faster and more intensely. Your body screams of your need for release, and with an near sadistic grin I push on, nowing full well I have yet to grant permission for an orgasm. Testing the limits of your resolve your first words make me press more firmly to you in pleasure. Knowing you are under my power. Wanting your orgasm I have to force myself to frown when it finally comes. The wash of your hot juices flowing over my fingers as you nearly collapse into me. My arm behind you supports you by grasping the knot of ropes behind you, putting more tension on your body. Looking stern I watch you carefully withdrawing my fingers from your dripping cunt. "And you were doing so well pet. I will not tolerate cumming without permission." My fingers still dripping with your cum flatten and fills the room with a soft crack as my palm connects with your cheek with enough force to shock you back into reality and perhaps sting a little while spreading the proof of your disobedience over your cheek. I shake my head slightly from side to side, in disapproval my hair following the motion of the sway. "So you know -how- to obey. But you can't control yourself. Which is it slut, do wish to be an obedient pet? Or a common whore?" Pulling the ropes back harder, I lean with my body to look into your eyes, my expression serious as I await your answer.

* CuteLittleNeko gasps and pants as my orgasm finishes rolling through my body loving the warmth of you close to me. as your hand grips the ropes pulling them tighter my body arches and my lips part in a yelp of pain. as i stand arched before you. my lip trembling in fear as a tear rolls down my cheek, ashamed of my disobediance, and afraid of my punnishment. suddenly taken completely by suprise i feel your hand slap hard across my face, leaving my cheek glistening with my juices as it slowly grow bright red. a small drizzle of crimson liquid drips down from the side of my lips as they tremble and quiver in pain and personal dissapointment. i yelp as you pull the ropes even tighter nearly bending me over in full as i struggle to maintain eye contact with you as i scream out in pain. "Im sorry Mistress, I didnt mean to! Please, i want to please, i live to serve you, im your pet Ma'am, my body exists for your pleasure and no other purpose. i lost control, it wont happen again, i Swear it!" my back strains and my knees begin to buckle under the weight of my strained body, standing in an unatural pose as i start to fall backward onto the ground shaking and twitching in a mixture of fear and pleasure from my recent orgasm. my sex still gushing my juices as they creat a small puddle around me on the floor. i bend my neck so my eyes stare up at you pleading for forgiveness, for a chance to redeem myself in your eyes.

* Quothe listens closely acting as if I am trying to decide if you are telling the truth or lying to avoid a proper punishment. Of course this is all for show, I know simply from the look in your eyes, in the self-disappointment that you are willing to go the distance. But there is no room for tolerating poor behaviour. Misdeeds must be punished. Allowing you to tumble backwards I step to stand above you looking dowm. My heeled feet on either side of your quaking body. Bending at the waist to look more imposing I bring one hand to rest on your shoulder for balance. My tongue darting out, cleaning the crimson droplet from the corner of your mouth. I shiver in excatsy at the metallic tang of your blood before speaking. "Then you will not mind being punished for your misbehaving." The way it was spoken left no doubt that it was a statement, not a question. Turning around and stepping to the side I kneel beside you and roll you to your side before quickly untying your restraints. Standing again I allow my heels to click loudly as I move over to my bag of 'supplies.' As I begin rumaging through its contents I call over my shoulder. "On your back, pet, with your knees to your chest." Finally finding the large headed personal massager I return click back over allowing her to see the device and two lengths of silk rope in my hands.

* CuteLittleNeko listens do you, my mind racing in terrifying excitement. my body resting against the hard wood floor as i feel you untying my ankles and arms from behind my back i lay trembling in terror and excited anticipation. i hear your command and immediately roll ongo my back bringing my knees to my chest as they pancake my breasts. my spine arching and bending becoming bruised under my weight as i lay still turning only my head at the sound of you digging through your bag. i notice you walk back over kneeling next to me with ropes and the long slender device in your hand nervously biting my bottom lip tasting my blood as it continues to spill into my mouth. with a grin breaking across my lips i stare up at you waiting patiently for your next use of my body, my eyes darting between the objects in your grasp and up to yours trying to descern what form of punishment you have planned for me next.

* Quothe grins slyly as I watch your expression. Tilting the massager I give a mocking laugh. "I see you know what this is pet?" I lower myself to my knees beside you. Laying the object next to yours my left hand pets over your body, moving lower as I watch your eyes. Lightly touching the pink quivering lips of your mound, I grin again before giving a quick open handed spank to your slick cunt. More to watch your reaction than anything else. 'Since you like to cum so much... lets make you cum." The writhe smile on my lips cocky as I guide your left arm to your left leg. I bind your wrist to your ankle tightly before leaning over your body and tightly binding your other side. Leaving the massger off I I roll the the thick founded head in the soaked lips of your pink pussy getting it soaked in your juices before holding it over your face. Just high enough that you will need to wiggle and squirm to get high enough to press your lips to it. "Kiss my toy before we begin."

* CuteLittleNeko feels you binding my wrists and ankles together making my body nearly immobile as i lay helpless at your mercy, thinkng there is no other position i would rather be in. i nod at each of your words taking them in and loving the sound of your voice. i feel your finger tips gingerly rubbing along my mound, my lips still swollen from my first orgasm as you slap it hard making my entire body jolt and squrim. my wrists and ankles attempting to no avail to pull apart causing the ropes to dig deep into the flesh. my chest heaves in a mixture of pain and pleasure as you watch me. upon hearing my punishment and knowing what is to come i am filled with a mixture of erotic excitement and horrific fear at the torment and glorious pleasure my body will endure at your hands. i feel the bulbous head running up and down the length of my swollen red lips, feeling it pass along my tight slit. as it rises to my face i see it reflective from the coating of my sex on it. your command insantly obeyed as i lean in and press my lips to the orb sucking the juices from it into my mouth moaning as the taste invigorates my body and sends wave of renewed happiness down my spine

* Quothe coo's as I watch your body struggle in obediance. The way your muscles constrict beneath your soft skin. Taking the toy from your lips I replace it with my mouth. Tongue actively seeing out any remnants of your liquid lust on your lips and tongue. SLipping my writhing tongue into your mouth, greedily kissing you as my thumb flips the toy on to its first, least powerful setting. A low hum fills the room, despite being the lowest setting the vibrations are still easy to feel through the handle of the device. Slowly I ease the massaging head down her sternum, over her belly button. Coming to her pubic mound I divert its straight course. Easing down next to her thigh but not directly touching her sex. Though the strong vibrations carry through her flesh, echoing against the heated walls of her passage from a new angle. Slipping it below her pussy I lean back up slipping down her body to watch my work my free hand flat against her raised legs, rocking her body back. I turn the toy to angle to her other leg, lingering the strong vibrations directly over the sensitive skin surrounding her anus. Watching her closely for her reaction to the teasing over her tight ass hole, I begin the toys movement again, moving the to up against the other side of her sex in the same fashion as the other side. Once returned to the top of her mound I resume the straight course, allowing the round head to press gently to the hard nub of her clit.

* CuteLittleNeko i moan loudly as i feel your lips press to mine, your tongue the dominating and comanding pressence in my mouth. i smile softly as i taste the mixtures of my juices, my blood and your saliva as they wash through my mouth. i hear the low rumble of the vibrating machine as it emenates a constant hum throughout the room causing my mind to race with excitement. as the head touches to my sternum causing my rib cage to vibrate under it my body shivers in pleasures while i feel you sliding the large head down my stomach waitng, no expecting and desiring the bulbous head to reach my sex. with a gasp it passes over avoiding contact as i feel my thigh being tended to and pleasured as you slowly move it down. as the vibrating toy reaches my tight untouched hole my body squirms violently and shys away from the device against my will. my lips part and moans of pur extasy escape from the core of my being shaking me and ringing out to the room. as the toy moves to my other thigh almost finishing its path of a circle completely encompassing my awaiting sex i whimper in greedy anticipation. before feeling the shaking head find its way to my swollen and pulsating clit. as it presses down wave after wave of intense pleasure and blissful sensations escape me as the simple action nearly pulls another orgasm from my body

* Quothe watches as the powerful vibrations shaing the swollen lips of your labia with its strength. I breathe deeply as i watch the slick juices seep from delicious slit. My eyes roam back up your body as I press it more firmly to that sensitive bud, knowing all to well that right now it is pure overwhelming pleasure. Speaking softly, that purr like quality back into my voice as I watch the waves of obliterating pleasure wash over your face. "You are free to cum whenever you please, pet. But you will count out each orgasm... you will also look to a new person around the room and thank them for bearing witness to your punishment, and apologize for your earlier transgression." To punctuate the command I lean slightly harder upon the toy, and slip two fingers of my free hand into your dripping cunt. My fingers pressing against your upper wall, delighting in the way the vibrations make your passage shake.

* CuteLittleNeko screams out as pleasure begins to roll over me, my body writhing in rapid jerking movements as the ropes continue to bare themselves deep into my flesh. i gasp and try my hardest to sit still as i hear your demands of letting myself cum. holding it in for several moments to build the pressure fighting to escape from my soul i feel your fingers pressing into me and applying pressure against my walls making them convulse around your knuckles. i turn my head and release as i scream "OH MY GOD! Dark, fuck! its so good!" and my body explodes outward, my juices rushing through my cunt as tehy gush over your hand and against the toy

* Quothe Smiles wider as the orgasm tears through your body, the seconds your delicious fluids wash over my hand my thumb flicks the knob on the toy up to the next speed. Having zero intension of allowing your body a chance to recover, figuring at the this point the weight of the punishment may be kicking in to the rest of those looking on. My fingers struggling to remain inside you, fighting the your clenching muscles trying to expel them along with your fluids. " Im sorry pet, I didnt hear you. What number was that?"

* CuteLittleNeko clenches my teeth tight feeling them press tight together as i scream out inaudibly into the air, my arms and legs kicking wildly as they pull the ropes tighter then ever before as they feeling in my fingers and toes begins to diminish. my body screams in a mixture of overwhelming pleasure to the point of near pain as through my screams the number "one!" is released. back to the frantically mad ravings from my body i turn my head locking eyes with Loyal seeing her amazing body resting on the couch as i bite down hard on my lip feeling my teeth digging into my flesh. my heart races at abnormal speeds as a second orgasm is torn from my body, my cunt walls clenching in a vice grip as the pleasure sensors get overloaded and panic from the rapid enjoyment. my mouth opens once more as i yelp out a word similar to "two" before straining my eyes open glaring through the air at loyal once more mouthing her name "oh god! FUCK ME! FUCKKKK!" each word punctuated by loud eratic bursts of moaning and quivering enjoyment

* Quothe writhes between your legs with pride. Your obediant display despite the torturous pleasure, something to be treasured. Bathing in the aura of your orgasm, kneeling in your juices, enough to make me moan lustily. With the next orgasm I once again flich the dial up, this time taking it up two notches, leaving it one level from its full intensity. My other hand pistons out of her tortured sex. The lips quivering and pulsing spurting her lust at odd intervals. But I take no mercy merely push on. I glance around the room, with every intention of letting everyone else join in just as soon as our Lovely Cute has fully learned her lesson. I smirk rolling my attention back to the bucking beauty before me.

* CuteLittleNeko feels the pleasure overwhelming my body in agonizing amounts as it grows to pain, my muscles begin to strain as each flexes and clenches during my ortasms. my breathing continues to come in pants as i grow light headed and begin to swim through a hazy sea of pleasurable pain. i manage to groggily lift my head and look down at you between my thighs as my hips buck involuntarily into the toy. the power of the vibrations doubling as you bring it up two more levels causing it to tear into my overly sensitive clit. my juices continue to flow freely around your knees squirting out with pressure as my moans and gasps of pleasure turn to almost numbing yelps and erotic cries of pain. my hands grip the ropes desperate for something to hold as you keep control over my body destroying me and bringing me to the edge once more. with a whimper i mumble "three!" and feel my body release another massive torrent of cum as my pussy screams out in terror as it is worked and used beyond imagination. my eyes scan the room in a daze before locking on the faint figure of Larson, desperate for something to think about as my body slides into an orgasmic coma. i picture Larson and every glorious inch of him as i crie out his name "Larson, Oh, Oh God!"

* Quothe trembles with lust as this orgasm came out far more labore and intense. Signaling to me that we are quickly reaching that state I was aiming for. That point at which I have turned her pleasure against her, that point of 'too much of a good thing' where her will be shattered and the lesson will have been learned far better than through rod and cane. She will now that I can turn even her deepest moments of bliss against her. Removing my fingers from inside her tight passage, I indulge in enjoying her punishment. My own needy pussy hot and drenched I move the thick head of the toy down along the overly sensitive lips of her pussy, The size allowing it to have full contact of her clit while parting and spreading the petals of her flower, adding pressure to her slick opening. Rolling my hips forward, I flick the toy to its highest setting while pressing my panty covered pussy against the toy. Of a much clearer state of mind the mind blowing vibrations shoot pleasure through my body, but I still have enough sense of mind to torture my delicious pet. Gyrating my hips I grind the toy against her erotically.

* CuteLittleNeko cries out in pure pain as my body begins to lose control of itself, my mind racing through nothingness as my every limb and apendigs beginst to tingle and surge with electricty as my nerves panic and shoot agonizing pain into my brain. i feel the large head of the toy as it press into my pussy lips spreading them out as the other end is rammed against your covered slit. my eyes roll back in my head as every inch of my body falls limp, my lips parting as i mumble out an inaudible number as my head rolls to the side locking down at the powerful woman responsible for all my pleasure as well as the horrific punishment she has put me through. my eyes fluttering to stay open stare at her face as i manage to weakily mouth the words "Thank you" as i am pressed into even another rapid orgasm, my body losing count as i quickly fall into limbo between consciousness and the endless abyss of my sex filled sleep. i give up fighting as my hands go numb, my body failing to respond to even my simplest commands as my breath comes in trembles and gasps, my lungs working purely on their own to keep me alive. as i feel my final orgasm end and my cunt being the only thing still with feeling i listen to its screams of terror as the pain becomes insurmountable and i slip into a deep sleep mumbling "Mistress" as my body falls through space and time oblivious to the degrading curcumstances that it had been left in. the room disapearing as my mind loses track of everyone and everything, not caring what becomes of my body as i accept and surrender myself to Mistress Quothe

* Quothe quivers as the pleasure mounts inside my own being. Both from the powerful vibrations of the toy mechanical toy, but more so from the complete surrender of the beauty before. Aclenching my legs I quickly kill the toy, denying myself the pleasure of release. Knowing full well the torture I have forced my pet to endure, I am not so cruel as to deny her my orgasm. Discarding the toy, the near orgasm having my body hyper aware to everything a wide smile settles on my lips. To the untrained observer, one might expect it was a grin of triumphant. But to those more observant, or whom might have knowledge of the intimacy of domination and submission, they would know it was pure pride that lifted my cheeks into a smile. Carefully I untie your bindings. Despite your broken nconscious state, I watch as your body still twitches and writhes from the assualt on your nervous system brought from the orgasm. Gently I arrange your limbs and crawl over your to your head. The same fingers guilty of torturing your soft body. I now lift your head and rest it gently in my lap. Coming out your hair, and stroking your cheeks. Ligtly caressing over your bear sweat covered flesh to coax you back from the realm of stormy pleasure. Coo'ing softly as I stroke you, we both lay in the pool of your juices that have collected upon the floor.

Sex & Erotica
By CuteLittleNeko on Feb 19, 2012

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