The Queen and I

Now I had just started working for Uber last year around Halloween, it was supposed to be a busy night so I wanted to go all out, I had candy, lights and even dressed up as Marty McFly for the occasion, hover board and all. The night was going well, busy, money flowing in, people all having fun and no issues to speak of, I was all smiles and enjoying myself. That is, until she called. I drove up to a house with barely any lights on, wondering if I had found the right place, waiting for a minute before watching the door fly open and an innocent looking girl bounce out of the house and down the walkway. She leans over, her silvery hair tailing down her left shoulder, the soft fabric of her dress opening up with the weight of her breasts. “Hey, my friends will just be one more minute okay?” She says with a smile, her chest swinging, her smile glinting, and her eyes alight with glee. “Yeah sure no problem.” I say trying to remain focused on my job, not staring too openly.

She opens the passenger door and sits next to me, clearly excited for the Halloween experience. I glance over at her, deep brown eyes bright, I noticed who she was dressed as the moment she bounded out of the house, surprised at her striking resemblance to the character. “So, Daenerys Targaryen huh? “ I say with raised eyebrows, She looks down at herself and my eyes join hers in gazing. She looks up at me, her pale skin, flushed with pink, “Yeah, I love her! She’s amazing!” She says excitedly. “I think most people would agree.” I say with a chuckle. “So Marty McFly?” She says in a questioning tone, “Yup.” I say frankly “Complete with hover board.” I say grabbing the cardboard model I made off of the dashboard, she takes it. “That’s so cool! Very current too, everyone is talking about the movies right now.” I nod to her, “Yeah that was the idea, plus its easy.” I laugh.

She smiles and hands the hover board model back to me, “Id like to ride your hover board.” She says in a very casual manner, I stop abruptly, as her hand brushes against mine, hand moving up my forearm a little bit. I put the cardboard back on the dash, feeling goose bumps raise a little on my skin as her intense eyes look into mine. I look at her with raised eyebrows and a wide grin, “Oh really now?” It wasn’t the first time a client had flirted with me, and not the first time I had flirted back either. My heart was beating fast, her words subtle but her tone clear. Her hand reaches out slowly and fingers glide across my arm, up to my bicep, eyes locked on to one another.

We hear laughing and both look toward the house, snapping out of the moment, a little weary. Her two friends spilling from the house, stumbling a little from what I’m guessing was vodka by the smell. They were a typical “Slutty Cat” and a “School Girl”. I mean they looked great but… marks off for originality. We began driving, music loud, making talk to the beautiful girl in the passenger seat impossible, but my stomach was tied in knots. She had leather straps over a powder blue top, flowing around her curves perfectly. Sandals surrounding dainty feet, brown leather curling up and around her ankles and calves. Brown chords tying her hair in the middle, braids on top, one long bunch hanging over her left shoulder as we drove. Both of us stole repeated glances, her hand inching toward me, her friends none the wiser about what was happening in the front as her hand grazed my thigh.

We reached the club, everyone in the car having huge smiles and the girls getting out form the back, “Oh my gosh! Jonny you have the best music!” The school girl yelled as she shut the door, the cat “Whoooo-ing” loudly as she got out. But Daenerys lingered a moment, finger tips still on my thigh. “This was fun Jonny.” She said with a smile, I nod. “Well how about I give you my number, in case you need a ride home later?” I say, having found the perfect excuse. “YEAH! That would be great!” I give her my number and she sends me a text before getting out. She leans her head back in, bending over again, “I’ll call you later. “She begins to stand, then leans into the car again, “Oh and the name is Emily.” She says then shuts the door, joining her friends in line, glancing back at me over her shoulder.

I drive on, the night going by in a whirl, smiling and having fun, really expecting nothing further to happen with that situation but maybe another ride and a few extra bucks. Midnight is rolling around, I’m driving a passenger to another club when I see a text pop up, ‘Uber Emily’ “Hey are you around the club? I want to get out of here.” It says. My passengers say “Oooh, who was that you got a text from?” I laugh and say, “No one really.” They laugh with me, “Yeah sure, we know it’s a pretty girl.” I smile, “Maybe it is.” I’m driving just down the street… I drop off my current passengers. They get out and I turn off my Uber app and text Emily, “I can be there in 4 minutes.” I drive and she responds, “Oh yeah! Thank you!!!” I pull up and see her standing in front of the club looking ravishing in the dim light. She waves and gets in. “Waiting on your friends again?” I laugh. She looks over at me with warm eyes, “Nope, just us.”

My heart skips a beat, sinks in my chest and then shoots up into my throat, pounding harder than I could ever remember. “So where would you like to go?” I say, thinking I may know the answer, her eyes are on fire. “Back to our rental if that’s ok.” I nod to her request. “Alright then.” I drive her hand sliding along my thigh, my mind races and my stomach tying up again as we get closer and closer to the destination, I take the chance and my hand, moves top her bare upper arm, caressing the milky skin there. We pull up to the house, after five minutes of smiles, fragmented words and exploring hands. She takes off her seatbelt and looks at me, “So my friends are staying out till 2, want to come in for a bit?” She says bluntly. My eyes widen a little, my work has never lead me to this sort of situation before but it’s a little exciting. “I’d love to.”
We go inside locking the door, “Would you like a drink?” She says softly. “I would” I respond following her to the kitchen where we both drink a rum and coke. I run fingers down her arm, grasping her hand and pulling her toward me, I look into her eyes for a moment, seeking the answer to my unspoken question. She smiles and leans up toward me, kissing my lips. My arm wraps around her, our bodies close as we kiss, my hand rubbing up and down her back feeling the soft powder blue fabric and the decoration of leather straps. My tongue parts hers, kissing deepening, and lustful desire rising in me. I pull away, we both drink then set down empty cups, “Where is your room?” I say plainly. “This way,” she says guiding me by the hand.

We enter the plain room, I look around at the décor, clearly set up as an rental, nothing fancy but nice nonetheless. I grasp her hand tighter the pull her back to me, standing at the edge of the bed, we kiss, both of my hands on her firm body, breasts pressed against my torso, leaning down a few inches to meet her level. She unzips the red vest from my costume, I shrug my shoulder letting it fall. Her hands unbutton my shirt as we kiss, my hands trailing up her arms freeing one from the shoulder strap, her cleavage slightly visible on that side. I help her and remove my shirt, chest bare. I look into her eyes as I remove the other strap from her shoulder, watching as the fabric becomes slack and falls to the floor.

I gaze at her body, tight and toned, milky skin and perfectly formed c-cup breasts. She is left only in panties and her strapped sandals, her body looking so tempting I can hardly contain myself. I pull her close again, hands moving all over her bare skin as we kiss again, pushing her back toward the bed, she falls, as I move between her legs, my cock throbbing in my jeans. She sits up and helps me remove them, almost hungrily, they slide down and my cock springs free. I kick the clothes to the side as she moistens my shaft and begins stroking it as I stand between her legs.

My body tenses as her hand moves, looking up at me smiling as she works. Her lips move closer, her tongue sticking out to lick firmly up the underside of my shaft, feeling my body shiver I moan a little, “MMM”. She smiles wider, taking my length in her mouth, moving her head back and forth along my cock, wet and slick. Her hand moves in perfect rhythm with her head, my hand moving along the textured feel of her soft hair tangled into breathtaking silvery braids. My other hand plays with her nipples as she sucks, feeling her legs squeeze around me a little, clearly enjoying the sensations. I watch as she removes her mouth, her wrist breaking with every stroke, adding to my pleasure.

I enjoy watching her as she moves, my mind racing with what this night has brought. Both hands fiddle with her nipples, rolling them between my thumb and forefinger, watching as my cock disappears in her mouth again, her other hand fondling my balls. I wretch feeling a strong wave of pleasure, my hand travels down her slightly hunched frame to rub against her panties, damp with anticipation. We touch and grope at each other, our bodies reacting, heat rising in the room.

I lift her chin, looking at me as she slows, my cock still in her mouth, she smiles and pops the head out of her mouth. I lean in and kiss her, pushing her back, kneeling at the edge of the bed and kissing her inner thighs, looking up at her face, as I begin to unlace her sandals. My lips moving closer to her panties then skipping over to the next thigh, her eyes narrow at me as I do. Both sandals come off and I move my body square to hers, kissing her stomach and hip bones, lower and lower until my lips contact the band of her panties, looking up at her with playful eyes. I bit the band and help pull the thin fabric of the panties off of her, revealing her shaved, pussy, glistening with her juices.

I kiss along her milky white thighs again, closer to her pussy, looking at it before my tongue stretches out and licks her from her little entrance to her clit, fleeing her thighs close a little at the sensation, a hungry moan escaping her lips. One hand moves to my head as her thighs stay closer to my ears, I flick her clit with my tongue over and over, opening her lips with my fingers to see her pink folds all the better. My lips close around her clit and I suck, still flicking her clit over and over again, free hand moving up her body to find her hand at her nipple.

I toy with the nipple there, her hand pressing mine deeper onto her pert breast, squeezing it as I work it. My lips pop off of her clit, tongue pressing deeper into her labia, massaging her pink slit, deeper and deeper, moaning out a little from her sweet taste, soft plump lips. She moans louder and louder feeling her body begin to shake, her eyes looking down at me, fingers moving through my short hair. My other hand moves to her other breast toying with her, feeling her body immediately tense and shake, feeling her pleasure build higher. She moans out, “Holy shit Jonny! Fuck” She says as I moan, vibrating her clit, her pussy trembling madly. She gets louder and louder then goes silent.

Her breath is choked off, her body still, moments stretching on as my fingers play with her nipples and my tongue move back, eating her pussy intently as she goes silent. My eyes widen as she begins to scream, her pussy gushing with her intense orgasm, squirting as she cums. Her back arches, hand gripping mine with incredible strength as she writhes uncontrolled in her pleasure, breath ragged and her hand at my head snaps to the sheets and grips pulling at them while she drips onto my chin, her thighs pressed around my head, pussy pulsing as her orgasm overwhelms her.

I watch as she spasms, her chest rising and falling, ragged breaths escaping her as she begins to relax. “Fuck!” she exclaims, her hand moving to my head again, then down to my face. Her other hand joins and lifts me up toward her mouth. We kiss, my lips and chin wet with her, knowing she can taste herself on me. Her leg wraps around me pulling my pelvis closer, the underside of my cock rubbing against her warm we slit. “That was awesome.” She says breathlessly, holding my face. “Good, Emily. Glad you enjoyed. I say, my hips thrusting a little, rubbing her pussy with my shaft. I watch as I do this and she tenses, smiling, “ooh, Jesus, that’s sensitive.” She laughs her head kicking back.

I look down at her pussy and my cock, sliding my head up and down the slit, then looking back to her, her eyes widening, she swallows hard. I slide the tip to her entrance, pressing against the tight hole, amazed at the warmth and the wetness, my cock twitching with the excitement of feeling just how tight she actually is. “God you’re fucking tight…” I say trailing off as I slide into her gently. “So I’ve been told.” I smile shaking my head. Her look of innocence at first a sort of façade to her other side, the side I’m seeing now. I begin to thrust, feeling her pussy, grip me, kissing her neck as my cock opens her up little by little. Her eyes close in apparent pleasure, then convulses a little and her eyes snapping open as I thrust a little deeper, our bodies colliding.

Her hands move on my chest, one moving down to my hip as her legs tighten around me. I thrust faster and harder, speed gaining seeing her tits bounce out of the corner of my eye as I kiss her neck, teeth teasing the skin. One hand pressed firmly into the bed for support the other moves along her soft skin, groping at bouncing breasts, playing with her sensitive nipples as she tenses from the new feeling. “Oh my god!” she cries out, moaning and grunting with each thrust of my thick shaft into her. My hand travels down more and I rub her clit as I fuck her, her body tensing further, “Harder.” She screams, and I oblige.

Our bodies collide time after time, her pussy dripping, coating my cock and balls in warm juices. Her hand reaches for my head and grips, pulling at my neck. Her hips begin to grind with my thrust, pressing us closer, deeper. My face close to hers her mouth releasing moaning and panting noises into my ear, louder and louder until she is choked again and screams. She releases yet another gush of juices as she squirts against my pelvis, pussy gripping my cock, I keep thrusting through her orgasm feeling mine building.
Her body relaxes again, her hips begin thrusting, no words, just action. I pull out of her then lay down, she moves quickly to straddle me, guiding my cock into her own pussy as she sits, grinding her hips quickly, her body seeming to crave more. Her hands rest on my chest as she grinds hard and fast, silvery hair still hanging over her one shoulder close to my face as her head kicks back and her body convulses. I thrust with her feeling her amazing body grinding on mine, our rhythms matching perfectly. My cock slides in and out hard and fast, gripping her hips and thrusting into her, feeling her juices drip and watching as her tits bounce. Her eyes stare into mine and I dare not look away. Our bodies emanate a wet slapping sound with every singular thrust. I feel myself building, pressure growing as my hips pump up into her.
Her nails dig into my chest, as her body goes from rigid to hunching over me, thinking she was moving for a kiss at first but realizing quickly it was merely a convulsion, a result of a wave of pleasure as she makes a noise again, “o-oh, oh.” Intermittent gasps of enjoyment. She sits up straight again grinding, my cock stretching her, feeling myself coming to the end.

I flip her and lay her on her back again, her shock apparent and I make the move, keeping myself inside her all the while. Her legs spread and her body twitches. “Oh my god I’m gonna cum again.” She cries pressing her heads back into the mattress. I let out moans and gasps of my own feeling the end, the pressure and pleasure too much to handle. Her pussy grips me and she let out a scream, then silence the another scream. Her body shakes and back arches, grinding against me, pushing me to the limit. I pull out of her and see a thick load spray across her belly, followed by more and more, her body rising and falling as she continues to moan and pant. I join her guttural sounds as I grunt, breathing heavily, stroking myself as more cum drips out.

We both relax after long moments, looking at each other smiling. “I didn’t think the night would end this way.” I say smiling. She laughs a little with a moan, “Neither did I but… Well here were are.” She says in a throw away fashion. I move out from between her legs, “Well you have a towel?” I say chuckling. She looks down at her belly, “Oh god, yeah…” She directs me to the bathroom and I return to clean her up a little then lay down next to her. We stare silently at the ceiling, still breathing heavily and tingling. I look at the clock, 1:30 am. “Your friends might be back soon huh?” I ask. “Oh!’ she says looking at the clock, “Sort of, they’ll shut the club down.” She says shrugging. I laugh, “They did seem to love their fun.”

We smile at each other, then after a few minutes of rest get up. We dress slowly, watching one another with satisfied looks. “I’m a little shaky here.” She says chuckling a little with a “Hehe” I shake my head, amazed at my luck. “Thank god for Uber. “ I say. “Yeah thanks to that job you got to fuck a queen.” She exclaims. “Hahaha, I suppose I did didn’t I?” I pull her in for another kiss. We walk out to the kitchen and have another drink. We talk a little as we share a drink, she’s from Colorado just here for fun with friends. We pass a little more time, finishing our drinks. We walk casually to the door, she seems to be wasting time not wanting me to go, even stopping and gripping my hand to keep me from walking. She kisses me at the front door, “Thank you for tonight, this was amazing.” She says, a flush taking over her cheeks. She lets go of my hand looking down then back up at me. “Thank you too, Emily, you were pretty great yourself.” I take her hand and kiss it, “It was an honor to fuck a Queen.” She laughs heartily as I wink.

I walk to my car and she stand in the door frame, I sit and start the car, look over and wave. She waves back and blows a kiss, then slowly closes the door. I drive around the corner and breathe deeply, amazed at the nights progress. I drive home after a minute then 20 minutes later, while lying in bed hear a text come in. “That was amazing, Jonny, I really needed tonight.” I smile, heart beating hard. “You’re welcome, it was my pleasure.” I reply. Then a singular emoji with a kissing face from her, then silence.

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By Jonnydon on Oct 31, 2016

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