A house full of Emillys, by Milferoni – Part 1 (The Beginning)

A house full of Emillys, by Milferoni – Part 1 (The Beginning)

This story tells of a time where Milferoni set his sights away from Milfs and over to Emillys. It was around the time that a very strong cold front set in to the U S of A toward the end of January. With the cold, brought a swarm of Emillys looking for friends in all the wrong places. Little did these babblers know, these Emillys were just cold and lonely, and aching to find the warmth of a strong man. These sweet, innocent Emillys were thought of as an annoyance to many. The Emillys would extend their cold, shivering hands, waiting for a warm soul to grasp their hand and pull them closely. Rejection after rejection, block, after block, the Emillys continued to persevere and each rejection made them stronger one block at a time.

There was a new babbler to the scene around this time, named Milferoni. Milferoni is much different than many babblers, a bit strange, some may say. Milferoni is not sure why he is even around these parts, he loves to laugh and loves to make new friends, and this seems like a good place for it. Milferoni is learning so many things in a short period of time. He has found his fursona as a Panda and he also knows what a bottom topper is. Milferoni has a new-found interest in ponies as well. He also found his bromigo (UD, bruh!) and is feeling at home in a such a short period of time.

Then one day, upon logging in, Milferoni sees a Friend Request, oh lordy, he is so excited, he smiles as he clicks on the link and sees ‘Emilly974591 wants to add you as a friend’. Milferoni gazes at her profile pic as she is wearing the shit out of a USA bikini. Milferoni clicks…Accept.

Emilly974591 was so excited, straight out of a fairytale storybook, their Knight in shining armor, Milferoni reached out and took his first Emilly by hand, feeling the bitter cold and worn out heart, the warmth from Milferoni’s heart shot through his arm and down to his hand and there was an instant spark that shot through Emilly’s arm and into her heart. Emilly felt instant warmth, everything felt right in the world again. All of the dedication and after every rejection, Emilly once again felt something, with her heart growing stronger and the feeling of new life breathed into her, she then asks Milferoni for just one thing. She cleared her throat, she stopped shivering, she looked at Milferoni with her puppy dog eyes, and gently bit on her lip and asked the one question, “will you rate my nude pics?”. Milferoni’s smile was beaming from ear to ear as he looked into the beautiful Emilly’s eyes, of course I will dear. Milferoni checked his virus protection and made sure it was up to date, entered a private browsing session, clicked on the link, and then began rating each pic, one by one. 10 after 10 after 10 after 10, a short pause after a brief moment to close out some popups, then 10 after 10 after 10. The two instantly fell in love.

Milferoni and Emilly974591 enjoyed each other’s company. Emilly slept a lot, a poor tired girl after all the work to finally find her home, one cannot blame her. She would nap all day but would still find time to lay out on the patio in her USA bikini next to Milferoni and take bong hits and talk about the stars and watch the birds, and talk about nude pics. Emilly started to get really comfortable until suddenly….she started thinking about all her other friends that have traveled down the same path as her.

Emilly glanced over at Milferoni, and softly spoke, “Milferoni, my love, I have many friends that have been down the same path as me who need to find a warm hand to pull them out of the cold. My love, would you be able to open your doors once again to some of my friends?” Milferoni slowly turns to Emilly and gazes into her bloodshot eyes and says, “Yes, Emilly, there is plenty of Milferoni to go around”. Emilly then pulls out her laptop and reaches out to some of her friends. Unbeknown to Milferoni, there are far more friends than he imagined….

By Milfhunter420 on Jan 31, 2019
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A house full of Emillys
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