Alexis steps from the doorway of her employment onto into the city, pulling her short skirt down her thighs. She turns the key in the lock and pulls tightly, securing the door from would-be thieves. A cool breeze rustles papers that have strewn across the ground and sends a chill along her bare legs, goose bumps rising and sends a shiver down her back. “What a night to make us wear costumes” she mutters as she affixes her ear buds into her ears and turns her iPod on. She is dressed as if she just walked out of a time machine set to the year 1960, her backless micro mini dress reminiscent of what a go-go dancer would wear, tassels shimmering in the lamplight as Alexis once again pulls at the skirt barely covering her pronounced rear end. Her long hair parted down the center flips in the wind as she walks through the now empty city. Music turned up drowning out the distant sounds of the streets she continues to walk home, unaware and uncaring of the surrounding city. The song shifts to the next tune in her playlist, going silent during the fade when she hears something behind her. Alexis pauses under the lamp post, pretending to adjust her shoulder-strap as she looks over her shoulder for the source of the noise. The music spins on and nothing moves in the shadows cast by the yellowed bulb. She draws in her unknown held breath as she crosses the street down a darkened alley, the short cut home.
He watches her from a distance waiting patiently for her to make a foolish move, down the alley that he knows she will choose. He had watched her for months, each night leaving work taking the same route. “Silly girl” he growls under his breath as he slips from shadow to shadow, waiting for her to pass him as she enters the alley. Alexis feels the hungry eyes upon her and stops just inside the darkness. “Who’s there?” her voice comes out stronger than she feels as she removes her ear buds from her ears. He holds his breath as she moves to take the step, realizing that her spiked heels have found a divot in the asphalt. Alexis curses under her breath, "Damn". She has no choice but to bend down, rather ungracefully, and try to pull her heel out of the cement.
"Lovely", the shadow growls out barely above a whisper. Alexis gasps, looking over her shoulder as she stands up quickly, her heel dislodging itself in the motion, "Who's there..." The wind blows through the alley and a darker figure emerges from the shadows, "No need to straighten up on my account, pet. I was enjoying the view..." Alexis narrows her eyes as venom spits from her mouth, "Fuck off and leave me the fuck alone, perv." "Now now, pet. Suck filthy words from such a pretty mouth..." The dark figure clears the distance in less than two steps, a hand reaching out to grab Alexis' long hair at the base of her neck, her head pulling back sharply from the force, "You shouldn't speak that way..."
Alexis sucks in a sharp breath through her clenched teeth, not from the cold air stinging the tears forming in her eyes from the pain, but from the adverse reaction happening between her legs. "Get off me you freak" she hisses as the stranger looms over her face, his features still hidden by the shadows cast by the street lamps. "You will learn, pet, come with me." He keeps firm hold of her hair and leads her, as a dog on a leash, down the alley and into a small alcove. She struggles, first trying to simply pull away but the angle he has her provides her no leverage, her scream is caught in her throat. There is no way for her to get any solid footing with her heels, the tips of them not able to grip the ground. Her hands come up quickly to press against the wall, caught just in front of her ample breasts, as he shoves her roughly into the alcove, barely keeping her face away from impacting the brick and mortar of the building. A slight pressure against the shoes and she instinctively separates her feet to keep from twisting her ankle.
A whimper escapes as he traces a finger down her smooth back. He presses himself against her, his voice hot in her ear, "Nice... very nice pet..." She can feel his bulge resting against her hip and she writhes against the wall, in a vain attempt to escape her fate. His rough hand pulls her head back once again, halting her fight. His free hand cups the firm bottom, muscles tight , ready to run if she is given any chance. His fingers walk down her dress and find the bare flesh of her leg. "Ohhh, what is this?" he hisses in her ear as he begins tracing his fingers up the inside of her thigh. Her body responds of its own accord, warmth and wetness escaping as his fingers explore the folds of her sex.
Alexis screams "NO" in her head, but her voice is caught in her throat, barely a squeak makes it past her clenched teeth. His fingers begin a deliberately slow discovery of her sex, probing on the edges of her center. She feels him touch her clit and a jolt of electricity inspires a flash of courage to struggle against him. She tries dropping to her knees to get away from his violation but his grip tightens on her hair and she realizes the full extent of his strength. He pulls her up by her hair now, his finger moving more roughly against her sex. "Don't fight it pet... Your body deceives you..." He plunges two fingers deep inside, and the scream that was caught in her throat now escapes as a moan, her breasts heaving as her body responds on instinct, her brain quickly losing control to the animalistic pleasure.
"Yes... there you go... don't fight it..." The stranger touches his lips to the base of her neck, "Come on pet... give me what I want..." His fingers thrust mercilessly inside, roughly pulling back before slamming back inside her. His assault continues until he feels the last of her resistance give way, until she squirms not to get away but with each stroke of his hand. She manages to slide her hands free from being caught between the wall and chest, but she doesn't strike him. Instead her fingers dig into the wall, her breasts rubbing against the coarse brick with each thrust. And as quickly as he started his assault, he stops. The sudden halt elicits a whine of frustration from Alexis. "Yes, pet... that's it..." His fingers begin probing again, this time he finds the nub of hardened flesh. He takes her clit between his thumb and forefinger and pinches it; a new rush of electricity almost brings her to climax. Somewhere inside, Alexis gathers up the last ounce of sanity and she pushes against the wall, her strength more than he anticipated. She manages to take a step before he curls his arm and wraps her hair around his fist into a knot.
"Pet still has a bit of fight left..." The stranger shoves Alexis against the wall, his hand forcing her head so far back her breasts impact against the bricks. "Perfect... I would hate to break you my lovely..." He keeps her neck fully extended as his hands remove the leather belt from his pants. He loosens his grip on her hair only enough to be able to slide his hand down the length, still keeping it tangled in his fingers. She can feel the pull of each strand as he keeps her in place. She feels the leather loop around one wrist as he secures the belt in place. Alexis' brain wrestles with trying to find a way to break free as he deftly wraps the rest of the belt around her other wrist. She realizes all too late that he has firmly bound her hands in the leather at the small of her back without untangling her hair from his arm. "No more leverage, pet..." He shoves her roughly against the wall, this time she can feel his taught stomach with her hands, but can't get a good grip on his clothing, her hands are at too awkward of an angle to do much more than wriggle her fingers. He yanks hard on her hair, pulling her backwards and off balance as he frees his hand from her tangled tresses. Both hands reach around, one grabbing at the base of her throat, pushing her chin to the sky, while the other pulls the skirt up, her hot sex tightening from the blast of cold air it is exposed to.
Alexis has no choice but to lean back against her attacker for support. His finger grips her throat, reducing her air supply. She struggles to breathe as if she is trying to breathe through a straw. The edges of her vision begin to darken more so than the night would normally allow. His fingers begin their assault on her clit once again, this time he plunges three fingers into her hole while his thumb roughly circles her clit. Her body responds before her brain can comprehend that he has manage to bring her to climax, a muffled scream of passion escapes through her choked windpipe. His hand releases his grip on her throat and she gasps, not only from the influx of oxygen but from the continued spasm of her loins against his hand. "Yes pet..." the stranger growls, his voice rough with excitement, "Good girl..."
He moves Alexis a bit more carefully, standing her up fully on weak knees. He keeps his hand at her sex and pressed tightly against him as he pushes her forward. She bends at the waist, the hand that was once holding her neck now loops around the leather bound at her wrists. He keeps her face away from the rough wall as she balances in such a precarious position, her skirt now bunched up and exposing her from behind. He frees himself from the confines of his pants, his arousal thumping with his heart beat against her dripping hole. His fingers stroke himself, rubbing the tip along her slit, pausing to circle around her overly stimulated nub of pleasure before returning to her tight hole that is pulsing with anticipation. Alexis moves to fight again, one violation is enough, when she realizes that he has placed her in such a position that any great movement will throw her off balance and she alone will land firmly on the ground and still at his mercy, having scraped her face along the wall first. She hears a chuckle from above her, "Now pet, you didn't think I was going to make this easy on you..."
Alexis begins to hiss a response when he thrusts once, hard and deep. The hiss turns into a gasp as she is filled completely, her stomach about ready to burst from his size. She is jolted into another orgasm, this one taking her so quickly and completely that were he not holding her tied hands, she surely would have fallen over. Any thoughts of escape are pushed out as he begins to take her from behind. The first stroke is almost maddeningly slow and deliberate; he slides himself out except for the tip resting against her opening. He pulls her back as he pushes his hips forward; she feels his pubic bone smash against her as he once again buries himself deep inside. Each thrust brings her closer to ecstasy as his pace quickens. Not muffled this time, Alexis lets out a scream of passion; were it not for the 4 inches she was already raised, she would be up on her toes from his violent thrusting. As her body climaxes against his, he tightens up against her, his tip deep inside as he begins his release. His free hand reaches around to the front, his fingers finding her clit to keep her in the throes of passion while he pumps every last drop into her quivering slit. Their breaths come in ragged pants, timed perfectly in unison. He stays, bent over her body, as he twitches within her.
At the end of the alley, the light brightens. Alexis and the stranger both whip their head towards the entrance as a car is driven by, completely unaware of the scene that just occurred in the alcove. A small giggle escapes from Alexis' mouth as the stranger lets out the breath he was holding. "Damn it Alexis... I think you woke the neighborhood... Next time I'm going to have to gag you, aren't I..." The stranger slides himself out of her abused cunt and helps her up to a standing position. A wry smile plays at the corners of his mouth as she turns around slowly. She offers one of the most innocent smiles she can muster. He just shakes his head and leans in to place a tender kiss upon her lips, "Don't play coy with me." He takes a step back and eyes the woman before him; hair tousled, skirt bunched up around her waist and cum dripping down the inside of her thighs. "You are the most beautiful, amazing goddess I have ever seen..." He walks around and lets loose her wrists from their binds. He puts himself back together as she rubs her hands where the leather had left a slight red mark. Alexis pulls her skirt down and takes a finger to the inside of her thigh. She draws the fluid up to her mouth and sucks on her fingers as he groans, "Don't tempt me woman... I'm not done with you yet..." The two walk arm in arm out of the alley, their short cut home.

Sexual Fantasies
By WitchyWoman on Mar 17, 2019
Out doors public, simulated rape

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