Daddys Boss

I stepped out of the lift and headed towards the reception desk, smiling at the girl behind the counter.
"Hi i'm here to see my dad," i said as the girl looked up at me. She nodded and pointed down the hallway.
"Hi Jess, just down there. You'll see his office on the left and a small waiting room opposite." I made my way across the plush carpet and watched all the business suits rushing around, their arms stuffed full of files. As i reached the end of the corridor I could see my dad's name up on a silver plate next to his office door. I knocked a couple of times before easing it open.
"Dad?? Its me." I chimed as i stuck my head around the door.

As i looked round I could see him deep in conversation on the phone. He looked up, frowned and quickly put his hand over the speaker.
"Jess i'm a bit busy now," he whispered. "Go sit in the waiting area and ill get out in a minute." I smiled as i stepped backwards and shut the door before taking a seat on the sofa adorning the small alcove opposite. I hated my dads office. It always made me feel stifled seeing everyone so stiff and suited all the time.

A few minutes later his door opened and out he came. I could tell he was in a rush.
"What do you want Jess?" He asked. I gave him my sweetest smile as i shrugged.
"Just some money to go shopping. I'm meeting Amy later." I saw dad shake his head and sigh.
"Bloody hell Jess. I'm absolutely rushed off my feet and you came to get cash." I grinned again and nodded as i stood up and saw him get out his wallet. He handed me a couple of fifties and i leant forward and kissed him on the cheek.

Suddenly there was a loud voice echoing from behind us.
"Simon, glad i found you. I need those papers on the Dubai Project in the next half an hour. I have a video conference meeting with our oversees branch and they'll be asking questions about it."
"Ah... Yes Sir. Of course. Um... i'll get back to it. I was just saying hi to my daughter." My father stepped to the side and waved his hand at me. "Jess, this is our CEO. Mr Douglas. He's my boss."

I smiled at Mr Douglas as my father gestured towards him.
"Hi. Nice to meet you," I said whilst holding out my hand. My father loved the proper formalities and smiled as Mr Douglas shook it. Mr Douglas was a big man. Over 6 foot with a heavy build. His stomach protruded over his waistband and his two chins fought for dominance as he spoke. He stared at me for a second and gave me a strange look, like a small frown with a smirk.
"Ah yes. Jess was it. Nice to meet you." Mr Douglas held my gaze for a second before clearing his throat and turning back to my father. "Well Simon, not to be a slave driver but I do need that report." My father nodded quickly before stepping back to his office door.
"Of course Sir. Give me half an hour and i'll email them across to you." He turned back to me briefly. "Good to see you Jess. See you at home." My dad quickly went into the room and shut the door.

I smiled at Mr Douglas as I tucked the bank notes into my purse and made to walk off.
"Nice meeting you Mr Douglas." Suddenly i felt a hand on my shoulder and when i turned back i could see Mr Douglas giving me the same look but this time his eyes were narrow, like he was trying to work something out.
"Just one second Jess. Let me get a good look at you." I stood there awkwardly for a moment before smiling.
"Ok... any reason why??" Mr Douglas paused and took a breath.
"You look familiar to me," he said. I shrugged.
"I dont see why. We've never met. Maybe you've seen me around the office?" Mr Douglas shook his head and brought out his phone before typing away on the screen. I frowned as he stopped momentarily and his smirk widened as he stared at the screen.
"What was your full first name?"
"Jess... or Jessica," i replied. Mr Douglas shook his head and turned the screen to face me.
"No its not. What if I called you Jizzica?"
I felt my heart drop and my breath catch in the back of my throat as i looked down at the phone. My Babblesex profile staring back at me. My face framed by the familiar pink border. I stood dumbfounded for a second before Mr Douglas spoke again.
"We were speaking on here last night Jizzica. The way i remember it, you were guzzling down my spunk like a greedy little cum slut."

Mr Douglas had lowered his voice now but his face was grinning. He quickly tucked his phone into his pocket and placed a hand on my shoulder.
"No need to say anything you little Slut. I prefer my women quiet and obedient anyway. But if you dont want Daddy finding out about this, you'll follow me to my office." I could feel myself blushing as i struggled to find the words.
"Mr Douglas... I'm not... Um" His hand squeezed my shoulder as he leaned in and whispered in my ear.
"Shh, little slut. No need for that. And I think you better call me Sir from now on. Now follow me to the office." I took a panicky breath as I looked up at him and weighed up my options. With a sigh I nodded.
"Yes Sir. Lead the way."

We entered his Office quickly and immediately he turned around and locked the door. I moved to the centre of the room and turned to face him.
"Sir I really think we should think about this." He strode over to me stood directly in front, his huge frame dominating my vision.
"Oh i have you little whore. Im going to show you how much ive been thinking of it." Mr Douglas placed a hand around the back of my neck before reaching down with his spare hand and unzippong his flyer. With a slight fumble he reached in and moments later he was pulling out his cock. It was large, like him. Long and wide with a swollen purple head, gripped at the edges by his foreskin. As i looked down I could see it straining towards me with a large pulsing vein running down the side. He was fully erect. His hand squeezed my neck slightly and pushed me downwards, not hard but firmly enough that I realised it wasnt a request.
"On your knees slut."
I looked downwards as i slowly knelt in front of him and lowered myself so his dick was at eye level. Once i was there i looked up and could see him grinning at me.
"Good girl. Now then, spit on it and get it nicely lubed up for me. I always find spit works as the best lube."

Without saying anything i nodded and looked back down. I knew i was blushing and could feel my cheeks burning. He already knew what i was like so there was no use arguing. With a quick breath i worked up a mouthful of saliva before spitting it over the top of the shaft, my hand gripping it from below and gently sliding my fingers along the top, my spit squelching between them. I wrapped my hand aroumd the shaft as best I could before dribbling another mouthful of saliva on the tip and starting to massage it all in, around the whole shaft. Just as I started working in another mouthful i could feel his cock starting to throb against my palm. My mouth juices now coated him and i had to use both hands to massage it all in effectively. I heard Mr Douglas groaning from above.
"Thats good Jizzica. Now then. Turn around and bend over. Face down and arse up."
I looked up at him and could see his face stern and unmoving. He was going to fuck me and i knew it was pointless arguing with him. His dick was throbbing and he was way beyond reasoning now. With a resigned sigh i nodded and slowly twisted my back to him. Still on my knees, i leant forward and pressed my face against the carpet. Making sure my arse was still raised up behind me. I tucked my arms into my body as i felt Mr Douglas drop down into position behind me, pushing my knees apart before kneeling between them.
"What a gorgeous little arse," he muttered as i felt his hands fiddling with my jean button. A moment later i felt them loosen and he grunted as he pulled down on the waistband, tugging them down over my bum.

I let out a small groan as i felt the air wasb over my bare cheeks. He had tugged down my underwear with my jeans and they now bunched up at the top of my thighs. They werent all the way down yet and i closed my eyes as i realised he would struggle to get to my pussy unless i took them off. I closed my eyes and waited to be told what to do. However to my surprise i felt him suddenly push forward and his weight pressed against me, pushing my face into the carpet further. Then suddenly i realised why he had made me lube him up so well. The tip of his dick was now pushing solidly against my tight puckered arse hole.

I let out a small squeal as i realised where he was going my body tensed. Mr Douglas' hand gripped my hip tightly as his other hand guided his dick against my back door and pushed, causing a small stab of pain to rin through me.
"That's right slut. Im going to fuck your arse and when i'm done with it, im going to go and have lunch with your father and chat like nothing has happened. Knowing ive just ruined his little girl." I tried to answer, tried to say anything but i was too tense. I let out a groan as i felt his slippery dick push past my cheeks and start to stretch me.
"Oooh fuck..." i gasped as my ring conceded the first few centimetres of his cock inside me. I felt my body quiver as i strained against him, my tight backdoor straining against him as he forced it open. My world went black as i screwed my eyes shut and the only thing i could think about was the thick shaft pushing inside me. I heard a long groan from behind me as he gripped me with both hands, the head of his cock now buried up my arse. I knew it was tight because my ring was burning, stretched out around him to the limit. I could feel myself dribbling onto the carpet as i struggled to relax, my arse muscles tensing and relaxing involuntarily.
"Please go slow Sir," i managed to mumble as another wave of pain jolted through me. He let out a laugh, one loud chuckle before gripping me tightly.
"No..." he whispered before i felt his entire body thrust against me, forcing half his shaft deep into my bowels. I opened my mouth to scream but all that came out was a choked squeal as places deep inside me stretched and spasmed with the shock of this invader. I almost collapsed as his dick started thrusting into me with all the desperation and force of a man possessed but Mr Douglas' hands held me firm in position. I felt his shaft penetrating deep inside me as my rectum gripped him hard. I took a quick breath in time with his thrust just before he started forcing it in and out of me. My arse burned, my ring quivered as it stretched to the limit and i grunted with every pounding as my arse muscles screamed for a moment of respite.

I tried to shift position but it just made it worse as i tensed around the shaft. Mr Douglas was thrusting hard now. His dick pulling back a few inches before slamming back inside me, causing the edge of my rectum to bruise as he forced the tip deeper and deeper each time. My head was spinning now, unable to stop the shaft from penetrating deeper, i gripped the carpet and timed my breathing with every outward motion. My ring had given up tensing now, too stretched out to be of any use it just hugged his shaft tightly as he pummeled in and out. My arse muscles had slowly given up the deeper he went until the only sensation that was left was a slight quiver every time he paused and groaned. Mr Douglas ran a hand over my arse cheeks as i arched my back and leg out a gasp.
"Oh my god. It's so deep." I whimpered.
Mr Douglas chuckled as he pushed his cock deep inside me and j felt his balls resting against me. His thrusts suddenly became shorter and quicker, keeping most of his length up me at all times. I panted for air as i felt his cock suddenly swell inside me and the tip of his cock twitched against the walls of my rectum.
"Oh no Sir. Please." I gasped but it was too late. Mr Douglas grunted as his cock spasmed violently inside me and i felt a wave of cum erupt deep inside my bowells. He continued with the short desperate thrusts, each one causing another surge of warmth to spread inside me until i felt his cock start to subside, the previous firmness replaced with a thick layer of cum that i could feel coating my insides. I opened my eyes slightly as i felt the last load pumping inside me and Mr Douglas finally pulled back, allowing his shaft to slide back out my exhausted arse hole. I pushed myself onto my hands and onto all fours as i waited for my arse to tense but nothing happened. It was now filled with an empty sensation, like the muscles were so stretched that they needed to time to re-tighten. As i shifted i could feel my bowels gurgling as the thick load shifted inside them. I looked back over my shoulder anx could see a red faced Mr Douglas staggering to his feet and doing up his trousers.
"Well done slut at least we found a use for you. Now then, pull your trousers up before i open the door and make yourself presentable. Then you can get out of my building i still have a business to run."
"Yes Sir," i whispered as i slowly righted myself and pulled my jeans back up, feeling my arse cheeks sliding back together still coated with cum and my own saliva. As i climbed to my feet Mr Douglas opened his door and waved a hand. Just as i made to walk past him he leaned forward and whispered quietly.
"Oh and I'll see you online tonight slut. I'll need another cum dump before bed. Don't be late." He grinned as i walked through the door and shut it behind me.

By Jizzica on Feb 1, 2019
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