Dedicated to Luna

Sitting drinking my iced latte, on my lunch break in blouse, black skirt and stockings, grateful to be under the air-conditioning on a sweltering summer day. People watching as I sip my drink and just happy to bide my time before I get back to work. Noticing someone looking at me. Young, maybe in her early twenties, hair swept back in a severe style, so astonishingly pretty as she sits there in a lovely cream summer dress with buttons up the front, possibly the hem to just above her knees although she shows more of a smooth pale thigh with one leg crossed over the other. Her eyes catching mine and holding them, captivating, piercing, seeming to read me and seeing how my heart lurches inside me, the squeeze of my thighs together, my sudden burst of desire and need, the sudden dew on my lips between my legs and the flush of my cheeks and neck. I drop my eyes and head and pretend to be looking at my phone but when I look up she still stares at me and the mouth which was straight and unsmiling is now curved almost mockingly in the grin of a wild cat that has found new prey to toy with. A flustered shake of my head as I turn in my seat to avoid looking at her as if I sense the danger and doubt my ability to resist.

A few minutes later, me still reading something or nothing on my phone, I feel a hand on the back of my neck and although it would look to anyone watching like a gentle touch the fingers grip tight like a collar and the nails dig in with the threat of pain and the pressure is firm enough to prevent me from lifting my head and so I have to look down at the feet in tennis shoes and ankle socks and just the glimpse of the skirt so now I know exactly who has the confidence and understanding to hold me like this in a public place, the pretty young woman who has seen enough to feel sure that I won't protest and then I feel breath against my neck and a whisper, "Follow me in two minutes. The disabled toilet. Knock three times. Good girl." And I blush at being called a good girl by a woman half my age and when she releases my neck I watch the material of the dress bounce and show a little of the back of her upper legs and the hollow behind her knees and beautifully curved calves as she walks away to the rear of the café. I know what I have to do. Run away, leave immediately, go out of the front entrance and never see this woman again. However, do I?

No. Exactly two minutes later I stand up, leaving half my coffee and my jacket on my chair and taking my handbag I follow on unsteady feet, my heels feeling to me like the loudest noise in the world bringing all eyes of other customers to me as I walk to the back. But of course that's my imagination and the assistant smiles brightly as I pass the counter and, of course, she is just being friendly because I come here regularly and how could she know I am following a pretty stranger because I have been told to and I can't find the sense to say no and stop myself and then I am at the door with the disabled sign and I knock as instructed and hear the voice that whispered in my ear tell me to come in and I'm looking at the tiled floor as I slip inside and close the door behind me. "Lock it, silly girl, or do you want people walking in?" The voice is teasing and that word again, girl, making me feel small and silly and I fumble behind my back until I turn the lock and the click doesn't sound like safety to me. Rather it sounds like I'm placing myself in a cage.

Raising my eyes, there she is, that amused expression on her face still and as I look becoming more beautiful in my eyes by the moment with her knowing confidence. Sitting there on the lavatory leaning back and my eyes drop seeing the curve of her breasts through the fabric of her dress and lowering my eyes further and my breathing becoming heavier as I see the bottom half of her dress bunched up around her waist and then a gasp as between her lean athletic legs I see a thick cock hanging down with two heavy tempting balls beneath and I can't take my eyes away from the place where I had been expecting to see the folds of her pussy. The length and thickness with the two spheres below, realising that even only semi-hard she is bigger than my husband, such a beautiful delicious cock and I realise my lips are half open and my tongue is running along my top lip and my mouth is wet with my saliva.

Her voice interrupts the rapture I am in at the sight and my face is flushed and my neck and the V of skin visible through my the gap at the top of my blouse. "Stop eating my with your eyes and use your mouth instead, babygirl." I almost jump and then I hear myself stammering out my reply, "I'm sorry...I...I made a mi...a mistake...I'll go and sorr..." But my words are halted just as I start to turn to leave and I freeze as your voice loses its sweetness and is now firm. "Shut up and get over here NOW. The only mistake you'll make is if you leave now." And my feet and actions are no longer my own as I find myself standing close in front of where you sit and you tap my ankles and I automatically place my feet apart in their heels. And then your hand is on my knee travelling up along my stockings inexorably and your fingers reach the stocking tops and run along the line of them and my thighs and then upwards again, your forearm disappearing under my skirt, and they reach the top of my legs and trace across to the gusset of my panties and I shiver with arousal and shame because they are so wet and this young woman is laughing at me and asking why if I've made a mistake, am I so wet and my only answer is a groan as she pulls them to the side and unceremoniously pushes two fingers into me while I stand there with my arms hanging by my side uselessly as my oh so brief show of resistance fades away and I don't know how long she slowly fucks my pussy for but it feels like forever and an instant.

And then I hear myself groan with need as she pulls her fingers from me and instructs me again. "Take them off. You don't need them. You never need panties again unless they're ones I choose for you." And despite the quickening of my heart and the panic in my mind that this won't be a one time thing but something longer, I reach both hands under my skirt and push my thumbs between elastic and skin and pull the panties down my legs and bend at the waist to step out of them and drop them in your outstretched hand and as I do my ID badge hanging from the lanyard around my neck falls freely for you to catch and read out loud my name and my job and my company and you chuckle as you say my name and tell me you know the building where my office is and I feel the trap tightening around me as you now know where to find me. And then you speak again and tell me, "Time to be where you belong - on your knees at my feet." And you pull on the ID card but you don't need to use much force because I am crumpling down to the tiles on my knees and your hand is on the back of my head pulling me to your cock and my mouth is opening as you feed it between my lips which start to stretch around as your hand grips my hair and guides the movement of my head,swelling deliciously in my mouth with the movement of you fucking me on it and I start to move my tongue and suck on you and soon you no longer need to move my head because I am bobbing up and down on you of my own free will because I want to and need to and I'm oblivious to your hand releasing my hair and retrieving your phone and taking pictures of me being your cocksucker on the toilet floor with each of my hands on your thighs and you making sure to catch images of my wedding ring with my fingers wrapped on your leg and also catching the ID card showing my name so clearly. How long do you keep me like that? I have no idea but soon your cock is wet and shiny with my saliva and grown to its fullest size.

"Stop. Stand up!" It takes a moment for your words to penetrate my fog of lust but when they do I stand immediately and you follow and push me against the wall, your hand on my neck, shocking me with your strength and pushed up so my heels skitter on the floor and you move between my legs. Holding your cock in one hand you rub the head along my pussy lips and then push up and into me, making me moan loudly as you push the full length into me hard and deep, stretching my cunt around you and reaching around to firmly hold and lift me by the arse, my heels losing contact with the floor and I instinctively wrap both legs around you as you hold me on your girlcock and by the arse and start to slam me against the wall. I grunt each time you do, louder each time and you stuff my wet panties in my wide open mouth to stifle my cries of pleasure and to stop any of the café staff investigating the noise. And it's all too much because I love this and my body spasms and my pussy walls tighten and a huge thrilling climax pours out of my entire body but you don't stop for a moment and one heel drops from a foot and the other dangles precariously in the air from my toes, shaking in time to the force of you fucking me and I can feel another O building as the first recedes and then I feel you slam into me three more times and pulse inside me and you are cumming into my pussy and it sends me over the edge again and I have my second climax.

Lowered back down on the floor by you and then a wet sound as you pull out of me with a glob of cum pushing out of between my labia as you do, slowly slipping my back down the wall till I sit slumped on the floor with my bottom on the cool tiles and my legs splayed, a cunny mess between my legs as you reach down pat and pet my head with one hand and gently slap my cheek and lips with your cock in the other hand. "See? Aren't you glad you stayed, little slut? Aren't you going to say thank you?" A murmured thank you after you remove my messy panties from my mouth almost a whimper as I sit there on the floor and you carefully dry your cock with my hair, trying to recover as I reach for a tissue only to be slapped by your hand. Your voice strict, "Never ever clean my cum from your body. Don't be so ungrateful. Put your number in here." You hand me your phone and I cringe to see that you have called me 'My Emma slut' but there is a strange excitement inside at the possessive adjective, that this forceful woman who saw my weakness calls me hers. Tapping in the number and handing you the phone back and watching you leave without another word leaving the door open and leaving me with no choice but to quickly recover and tidy myself up, retrieving my lost shoe and flattening my skirt as best I can, trying to freshen my face but not daring to touch the smears of cum. Finally walking quickly out, avoiding eye contact with everyone as I retrieve my jacket and walk back to work, feeling cum leaking down my legs from my opened up pussy, praying that it won't drop below the hemline and then hearing a message chime from my phone just outside the front entrance of my office. Opening the message and confronted with a picture of clearly me with your lovely cock in my mouth, wedding ring glittering and name badge helpfully identifying me. Just five words accompanying the picture.

"I will be in touch."

First Time
By Sneaky Emma on Feb 7, 2019

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