Hall of Fame 1: Dante_Tyler

hey baby


StefKTX slides a fingertip up that young shredded bod

Dante_Tyler-2407 catches her fingertip, in his lips, sucking it slow, swirling his tongue around the tip

Mmm i love those lips. So talented at sucking hehe~

Dante_Tyler-2407 releases the finger tip, taking her hand and kissing down the fingers, to her palms. "I'm well trained, Stef."

Lol that you are. Perfect lil fuckboy

StefKTX I get up onto the sofa where he lies back, parking my hips above his face. "Cmon boy, get that meat out for me to see."

Dante_Tyler-2407 grins up at his amazon goddess, sliding his briefs over his tight teen ass, sliding down his legs, letting his cock lay gently across his thigh. Smooth and shaved, just how you like it.

StefKTX bites my lip and reaches down to touch that double-digit stud cock. So fucking hot. Already thick and hardening. A single shiver runs up my body

God. So fucking good.

Haha glad you like

StefKTX I reach down, gripping that young fuckmeat, stroking it with nice long strokes. "Mmmm it just keeps on going, huh?"

Dante_Tyler-2407 's mouth parts, breathing harder as his cock stiffens immediately in her fingers. hot pulsing throbs pushing against the palm and digits. "Faster..."

StefKTX mm point down at my panties, hovering over dante's face. "You mind?" Still stroking, so fucking big and angry.

Dante_Tyler-2407 sits up on his elbows, brushing his lips agianst the soft fabric, kissing her snatch behind the panties, feeling her wetness soaking through. "Mmmm..." burying his lips into her, catching the fabric between his teeth. Breathing in her scent


StefKTX I tip my head back and closing my thighs closer around his head, catching that prettyboy face between my legs. "Mmmmm fuuuuck..."

Dante_Tyler-2407 slides his head back, peeling the panties down her legs, down her thighs, revealing that perfect pink treasure, so wet for me already.

StefKTX kicking off my panties, i grin wickedly and hook my legs over his shoulders and behind his back, kneeling down on his face, pressing my dripping cunny harrrd on his faceeeee. My hands stroke his daddy cock harder, working the tip, sliding down smearing that precum alll over. "Mmmmmgh drink me up dante"

Dante_Tyler-2407 his moans muffled by her snatch pressing on his face, he grips her muscular thighs and pulls her closer, lapping at her wet folds. Sucking on the pink petals, he plunges his tongue into her, filling up her hole with his eager tongue, licking her out, cleaning up the honey dripping from her pot. His hands leave her thighs and travel up her sculpted abs, feeling their hardness and the sweat under his finger tips, massaging her as his mouth french-kisses her soaking sex

Mmmmm omg fuckkk

StefKTX grinding down on that face, making my hips slither around on dante's mouth, feeling that wicked tongue lick me so fucking deep. Leaning back and luxuriating in his mouth worship while i pump that perfect young god cock up and down, rewarding his services. "Mmmhmmm fuuuuuck baby, get it boy"

Dante_Tyler-2407 sucking and licking deeper, tickling her clit with his tongue and catching it in his lips, torturing and abusing it faster, lack of oxygen clouding his vision, overwhelmed by her scent, wetness, and shuddering hips

StefKTX nnnnnggg clench my thighs hard around his head, trying to choke him out as he teases my clit so fucking perfectlyy

Mmmmm fucking drink me upp

StefKTX cross my ankles, grinding his head between my thighs, working his dick with both hands, seeing that precum drizzle over his shredded abs

Dante_Tyler-2407 plunges his tongue into you as deeply as he can go, siwrling it around, grinding it agaisnt her g-spot, sinking it deep down to hit her A spot mercilessly

StefKTX "FUCK!" I scream sitting up, slamming my hips down on dante's face as i cummm, gushing all over his mouth, moaning through clenched teeth as i grind on him fast, riding out my orgasm on his face

Fuuuuuuuck babbbbyyyyyyyyy

StefKTX I grab his hair and yank his head up to drink me deeperrrr, burying his face in my cunny

Dante_Tyler-2407 coughs, struggling to gulp down her flood as you climax, his mouth, nose, and eyes coated with her honey as her crush his head between those perfectly-sculpted thighs. Completely in awe from her orgasm, feeling that savage energy through her body

StefKTX let go, laying back on top of dante as i come down from my orgasm. I roll off and go to my knees on the floor, laying my head next to that precummy cock, licking and kissing it desperately

Dante_Tyler-2407 gets up, breathing hard, face dripping with stef's juices. Standing over you, his cock laying across her face. Fully hard now, a thick cable of young meat draped across stef's beautiful features, drizzling precum over her cheeks and lips. "her cock. her fuckgod. her daddy."

StefKTX fuuuuck feeling that meat pulsing on my face, marking me with precum. "Fuck my throat dante. Fucking let me choke on that fuckgod daddy dick!" Kissing and licking the underside of the shaft, one hand caressing his heavy balls full of hot young seed, my other hands sinking into my sopping wet cunny, grinding my fingers against my clitttt

Dante_Tyler-2407 digging his fingers into her dark tresses, he wrenches her head to the side, forcing her mouth open, sliding his thick, spearhead-like cocktip between her lips, he angles forward and down, plunging into her throat, feeling the muscles stretch to take him as he bottoms out inside

StefKTX my eyes roll back as that thick teen dick slams down my throat, making my cheeks shine with tears. I immediately cant breathe, fingers raking his tight shredded abs, begging for air. He tastes so good, his precum and shaft flooding my tastebuds, tasting how young and savage and strong he is. My cunny spurts as the sensation of his cock busting my thoat out sends a shockwave down to my core

Dante_Tyler-2407 pulling back halfway, then slamming back down into her throat, he begins to thrust, violating her throat raw, driving it deep, almost to her stomach, every inch of her throat filled with cock, almost turning her inside out with every pull-back

StefKTX my hands catching his cute tight ass, dragging him forward, burying more of him in my throat. I gulp
down in great dry swallows, letting his cockhead feel my throat muscles massage him, running down his shaft, milking his cock with my windpipe. Wagging my head to fit more of him in, until my face is pressed up against his crotch, smelling his cologne and his musk

StefKTX taking my ring and middle fingers, sliding between his cheeks and forcing inside his puckered hole, hooking them inside him and holding him still while i drink down his dick

Dante_Tyler-2407 gasping as he feels stef's fingers hit his prostate, he jerks his hips forward, bottoming out again inside her throat, slamming down like a jackhammer, roughly pounding her open mouth and gulping throat, feeling her struggling to breathe

StefKTX getting dizzy from the lack of air, but still swallowing that dick and drinking up his precum and coating it with spit and throatslime

Dante_Tyler-2407 suddenly pulls back, dragging his whole cock out of her, picking her up and tossing her roughly onto the bed, gripping her sports bra and tearing it apart with his hands, letting those tits pop out, finally having her fully nude

StefKTX coughing and fighting for air, taken by surprise as i am thrown ontot the bed and stripped completely, body glowing with sweat, grinning up at my young fuckbull stud. "Im gonna snap you in half, boy."

Dante_Tyler-2407 growls, grabbing her ankle and and wrenching her legs apart, exposing her dripping snatch. He winds his hand back, and slashes down, his palm connecting with her pussy with an earsplitting "SMACK!!!" that echoes across the room. His fingers hitting her clit with massive force, his hand remaining on her cunt for a full second, to underline the power of the blow


StefKTX my legs go rigid and i arch my back, screaming as the slap triggers a miniorgasm, stars blowing up behind my eyes and i gush all over his sheets. "Hollllllly fuuuuuuuuuuck!"

Dante_Tyler-2407 holds her still by the ankle and slaps her pussy again, this time the impac sending droplets of honey scattering over her abs

StefKTX shiiiiiiiiit! Arching back again, muscles tensing clutching at my breasts, nipples already popped and stiff like pink gems

Dante_Tyler-2407 smirks, giving her another slap, feeling her pussy gush between his fingers

StefKTX tearing up, sobbing now as dante punishes my cunny into a gushing mess, dizzy with pain and utter pleasure, just how i like. How no one else can satisfyyyy

Dante_Tyler-2407 he wrenches stef's legs apart, sliding the underside of his cock, dripping with spit, throat slime, and precum, along her dribbling snatch, pink and angry from the abuse and teasing. "You said you're gonna break me in half?"

StefKTX i shake my head to clear away the cobwebs, grinning savagely. "Put up or shut up, boy. Fuck me like you hate me."

Dante_Tyler-2407 callously slapping her across the face, he grabs her wrists and pins them to the bed, pressing his cock head against her pussy lips, and he SLAMS into her, feeling her pussy walls struggle to contain him even as it shatters her from inside, molding the shape of his cock in her bowels


StefKTX arching my back like a bow, the biggest cock ive ever had filling me up, my legs trying to wrap around dante's waist in a scissor hold, but unable to get any strength into them as his daddy dick fucks the strength out of me, turning me so fucking weak

Dante_Tyler-2407 ignoring how weakly her legs attempt to wrap around his waist, he begins to thrust, smashing her pussy to rubble, striking her g-and-a spots into white hot dripping messes, driving through her cervix to ram against her O spot, heedless of her moans and cries and struggling, intent only on breaking this goddess

StefKTX I need to regain control, slithering my hips to twerk on his dick when he drives into me, but unable to focus as he slamfucks me so fucking deep and hard. Harder than anyone else. Better, sweeter, faster, stronger.

Dante_Tyler-2407 letting go of her wrists, confident that her defiance has been fucked away, he picks stef up, letting her lean forward on his shoulders, and rams her into the wall, cracking it. Again he speeds up, fucking her into the crater of the wall, his cock disappearing into her snatch and stirring up her insides, outlining her womb and bowels with his meat as he claims his prize again and again. A stallion breeding his perfect mare

Holy shit holy fuuuck

StefKTX hold onto his solid shoulders feeling that young savage body fuck me into the wall, i press my lips up against his, kissing hungrily, tasting my honey on his lips as he breaks my pussy into a melting sopping mess, pooling on the floor as he breeds me over and overrrr

StefKTX screaming out as he makes me cum againn, nerves on fire, my eyes crossing as he dicks me down so good.

Dante_Tyler-2407 growling in satisfaction as he fucks her stupid, intent on wiping out every memory of every inferior lover from her brain, replacing them with him.

Holy fuck oh fuck baby, you're so much better than anyone else. Holy fuck god yes please please fuck me. Don't fucking stop please jeep fucking her little cumslut whore. So much fucking better than topher or brent or anyone else just fucking do me until im her mindless fitslut whore fuuuuuuuuck!

Who's Your daddy? Your fuck god? Who fucks you better than anyone else? Who owns you, mind, body and fucking soul? Tell me!

StefKTX cumming harder than ever, thighs flooded with honey, my brain frying, my body crumbling, once so strong but now so fucking weak in his arms.


Dante_Tyler-2407 buries into her one last time and cries out, filling her abused, broken, ruined pussy with his thick young seed, breeding her, owning her completely. Setting his claim on her


Dante_Tyler-2407 tossing her back onto the bed, kissing her all over, sucking on her nipples, savoring how her orgasming body feels pressed against his own

StefKTX whimpering, running my hands over his muscles, kissing his sweaty skin, sobbing as he fills me the fuck upppp with his young superior seed.

Dante_Tyler-2407 filling her up, gallons of cum pouring into her, he slides out, aiming his ropes across stef's heaving tits and face, white pearly ropes crisscrossing her sweaty body

StefKTX biting my lip, pressing my breasts together and letting him necklace me with his pearly ropes, licking his sweet seed as it covers my lips, shuddering as i massage some of his cum into my skin, drowning in his musk

Im fucking yours baby. No one else compares.

Dante_Tyler-2407 laughs, and leans forward to kiss stef deeply, tasting their cum mingled on her lips. "Mine."

By StefKTX on Mar 5, 2019
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