My fantasies

So I've written a bit about my experiences, but I think I should say a bit about my fantasies too. They may be pretty tame compared to a lot of people on here, and I have learned a lot of new ones that even if they're not mine are generally interesting...but these are the ones that consistently get me wet in those quiet moments alone, for now at least!

1) Cheating. This is really my number one fantasy, and I've made it happen a few times now. Its the getting away with it that I like, the having a dirty secret. I like it when the person I'm cheating with is also cheating, and that's why its so much fun talking to married men. I love that they want me more than they want their wife, that I could be their dirty secret. I like the sneaking around, the thrill of taking a risk, and a guy taking a risk with me, and for me. I'd hate to actually be caught, but the tiny possibility of being caught is super arousing! Being at uni now opens up so many more possibilities, with friends and family not around, and I really am going to take advantage! Knowing that a married man is stroking his cock, cumming thinking about, its so amazing!

2) Cuckolding. I guess this is an extension of the first fantasy, in that I get to fuck other guys, but here my bf knows all about it. He sometimes likes it, encouraging me to go out and see other guys, wanting me to fuck him as I tell him all about it. But in the fantasies that really get me off (and I'm not particularly proud of this, but I guess we can't help what our minds are like!) he's embarrassed, scared that I'll leave him, worried that I don't think enough of him as a man and that's why I fuck other guys. In some fantasies we're married or living together, and I come home after a night out, he's waiting up for me and I kneel over his face and have him eat my cum filled pussy and make me cum again while I tell him all about the wonderful fucking I got earlier from a stranger. In some fantasies he sort of knows, but asks no questions and I just hint that I can't see him tonight because I'll be elsewhere. The look of jealousy on his face is so hot! Its so weird, because he's awesome and I love him lots, we've been together since I was 14 and there's a very good chance we'll be together forever, I think. Why would I ever think about doing this, I know it would hurt him so much? I really can't answer that, and in reality I'm super careful, making sure he has no idea about what I get up to. But I guess in fantasies the mean part of my character can come out to play?

3) Impregnation. I don't mind condoms in real life, and Jamie says he doesn't either, but I don't think anyone ever really fantasised about condoms, and in part that's where this fantasy comes from. I can't speak for all women, but I do also feel a powerful urge to have children, I have done pretty much ever since I first got my period, so I guess its partly that too! In real life I'm way too young to think about this, and I want to finish my studies, live a little, and then maybe in ten years we can talk about it! But again, in fantasies...well anything goes! So I think about combining the cheating thing with this, and fucking a stranger without a condom, and when I feel him about to cum whispering that I'm not on the pill, and wondering whether he'll pull out or whether he has that primal urge too? The possibility of his little sperm meeting my little egg is so intense, it makes me cum so hard!

So there's a little insight into the naughty thoughts that make me smile at random during the day when I'm in the middle of a lecture or doing the washing up or whatever. And the thoughts that make me wet when I'm all alone in bed at night...maybe talking to all the dirty guys on here...xx

Sexual Fantasies
By cutelittlemia on Jan 7, 2019

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Bro_4_Si- s
<no subject>
I want to be inside you, ready to cum, when you tell me you are not protected... I WILL NOT pull out! Think of the thrill of feeling your insides being flooded, when it is SO RISKY!! HOT fantasy of mine as well Mia!

from Bro_4_Sis, on 06:24pm, 04 Mar, 2019

Mark_Fre- efalling
<no subject>
Thank you for sharing your fantasies, little Mia *smile* Just like your real life stories, I enjoyed them very much. Maybe because there's a lot of overlap: the cheating, the cumming inside you without condom the very first secret time... I've fantasized often that that was me... and my wife would never know!

I enjoy the secret, the naughty lust and the thought of helping a sexy lil girl like you cum intensely!

from Mark_Freefalling, on 09:32pm, 22 Feb, 2019

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