Never Too Old

I used to be a very sexual person. I'd have sex at the drop of a hat, and sometimes I'd drop the hat myself. Shortly after my wife and I got married, 30+ years ago, she presented me with a men's g-string. I wore it often for her. I soon began to enjoy it; it made me feel sexy, risky and somewhat naughty. We purchased a couple more and some thongs, as well. Soon, I was wearing nothing but thongs and g-strings. All my other underwear hit the trash.

I started showing my ass off a lot, wearing the tightest jeans I could put on and still be reasonably comfortable. By this time, I exuded my sexuality. Anywhere I went, people knew almost immediately that I was on the lookout for sex. I was always looking for sex. With my ass on display and my sexuality obvious tops were always drawn to me. Being very bisexual and a definite bottom, you can bet I put my bottom to good use... as did many a top.

About twenty years ago, I began shaving my entire pubic area. I kept it smooth for years. I loved the way it felt and looked. My wife also liked it. But what really made it great, at least in my mind, was the way many tops reacted when they saw my "smooth-bitch" look. It always seemed to put their lust on overdrive. They'd start rubbing and fondling until their explorations revealed that, yes, even my anus was hairless. This would lead their fingers to poke, prod and probe, which never failed to make me an absolute slut.

I had also started wearing women's panties on occasion. They're always so pretty with their lace and bows and I loved how they made me look so effeminately trashy.

But several years ago, I turned fifty and quit smoking. My weight shot up and my self-esteem tanked. I stopped exuding my sexuality and my sex life went to shit. I eventually told myself that I was getting too old for all that anyway... but the desire didn't go away.

Last Sunday, things took a much needed turn. I had the house to myself for a while, so I thought I'd take a nice, leisurely shower. While I was getting clean clothes together to put on after stepping out of the shower a naughty idea crossed my mind. I got a dildo out of mine and my wife's collection of sex toys. In the shower, I got all cleaned up then I shaved off all my pubes. It had been a few years since I'd done it, but I still had the same appreciation for the shaved look. Next I lubed up the dildo and put it to proper use.

I have since bought three new thongs over the internet, two of which were designed to look like women's thong panties. I have also determined that I am going back to daily wearing of thongs and/or g-strings. Who knows? Maybe I'll start occasionally wearing panties again, too. My wife and I talked a little about this the other day. I don't intend to get as carried away with it as in the past, but I do want to get carried away enough to revive and revitalize sexual relations with my wife.

By innaword_YES on Mar 15, 2019
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