Old story you might recognise

Tying you over the frame I step back to admire my handy work. Your hands tied to the legs of my desk your head lolling over the edge staring up at me. Your legs spread and tied to the front legs, your knees bound to your shoulders.

I squat down taking a handful of your hair and whisper in your ear "good girl"I reach into a pot of deep heat on the desk and smear it onto your tits working it into the nipples as I suck on your tongue. Before walking round the desk. Pulling your head up to watch as I smear deep heat over your tight shaven little pussy. Wiping my hands on the pile of your clothes I sit behind your head at the desk.

Listening to you moan as your pussy and nipples begin to tingle getting hotter and hotter. I slowly pinch your nipple twisting it as I wait.

A knock at the door, taking your hair I pull your head down to face me. "Enter"
Footsteps pace over the floor approaching the desk. I hold a handful of your hair pulling your head down unable to see anything but me as I take the cash.

"This" I whisper "is mr white" before you can respond mr white slaps your pussy hard. Your tight cunt already hot from the deep heat stings as you whimper. His laughs fill the room as he slaps your pussy over and over again. The sound of the wet slap spraying your juices over your thighs.

Before long you feel his cock press against your cunt as I squat to face level "good girl" I bite your ear as his thick cock Rams hard into your burning wet little fuck hole. I listen to your squeels as he fucks you with gusto.

Your face red from being held down your eyes wet. Saliva from your mouth dribbling down your face as I make you stare into my brown eyes. I twist your hard hot nipples as I push my fingers into your mouth watching you suck them with wild abandon.

I pull them free and smear them over your face before covering your nose and mouth tightly, I watch your eyes watering as your wet cunt gets filled. Holding you down like that I watch you fight for air unable to breath, ropes holding you down I whisper cum for me into your ear. Your body spasms wildly a combination of fear and pleasure as you gush hard round mr White's cock.

I listen as he grunts knowing he's filling your cunt. Letting go I watch you eagerly swallow in the thick air. His last spurts shooting inside you he laughs and falls onto one of the sofas on the office "worth every penny". I kiss your lips "good girl....Next!".

The sound of heels fill the room

Holding your head in my hands I kiss your lips before whispering into your ear 'this is Mr Purple little one , he's watched you for a long time'. With that the footsteps stop behind you. You hear the exchange of the envelope as I bundle the two together.

Mr Purple slowly traces his fingers over the sweaty glaze of your body. Taking in the scent of your post orgasmic pussy as he spreads your ass. His delicate tongue lapping up Mr Whites seed as it dribbles from your pussy. His tongue expertly dancing over your clit as he slips his fingers inside. Pulling them out like a dipstick as he feeds you the pussy coated cum dribbling fingers. His fingers are rough and calloused as you suck on them. Your tongue rolling over the large joints of his fingers.

Watching you he let's out a purr nodding to me. I take out my cock pushing the tip into your hot little mouth watching you accept it as you expertly start to suck on my cock. The man behind you watching as he works your clit with his finger. His rough hands expertly running over your hot clit.

It's then that you suddenly feel his cock, the huge head of his giant cock rubbing through your labia stretching them as he covers his cock in your hot pussy juices. You stare up at me with a slight look of excitement and fear as he pushes against your pussy. Feeling your pussy stretch until it hurts as you slowly take his huge cock head.I pull free listening to you whimper as he pushes slowly. Holding your head I slowly turn it until your staring at Mr Purple.

His body is thin and old, his pale skin traced with veins. Suddenly you recognise the old man as Mr Philips your old chemistry teacher. During that moment of realisation he forces his monster cock forward making you scream as it stretches you deep inside.

His fingers still working your clit your body shakes and convulses. Your pussy spanking around his huge cock deep in your pussy. His thrusts become long and hard giving you hardly any time to recover as his cock rams deeper and harder than you've ever had. Your eyes almost in tears as you look back mouthing 'fuck yes!' Only whimpers coming out.

I take a handful of your hair and push your open throat down onto my shaft. Every thrust making you squeal into my thick cock as I Fuck you. Mr Philips fingers mercilessly on your clit as his cock gets faster and harder. His free hand probing your ass with a thumb as he gets ready to cum. Your pussy exploding around his cock as you buck and squeal your pussy gushing uncontrollably.

Waiting until the old man groans I tear myself free. You watch dazed as he pulls from your pussy leaving a gaping empty hole as he walks round to my side of the table. His fat cock in his fist as he feeds you the tip. The taste of your abused pussy on his dick as he works the head in your mouth. Your jaw aching as you feel him grunt. His hot cum filling your throat as he pulls free decorating your face. Falling into the chair spent he smiles. 'I've wanted that for years you little slut.

My eyes locked in yours as you give me that Cheshire cat grin. I walk over to you cutting your hands and legs free. I kiss the sores from the rough rope as I stand up picking you up holding your body against my chest. Kissing you passionately.

I place you over Mr Purples lap. The old man fondling your breasts as he sits there spent. Lifting your legs up over the edge of the seat, bottom resting on the arm. I push my fingers into your abused pussy making you breath heavy. Curving my fingers inside you I work your spongy g spot. My fingers pumping your spot as he plays with your hot sensitive nipples. I work your pussy just how I know you love it. And have you gushing down my arm in no time. My thrusts squirting more and more juices around my arm as you moan for me.

I massage your juices into my hot thick bent cock making it glisten as I push the head firmly into your asshole. Making no pause for you to become accustomed to it. I rhythmically start fucking you harder and harder. Knowing that your my own personal little toy to use how I need and when I need. I watch you writhe on the old man as I Fuck my own personal little paid slut. Harder and faster as I listen your head making you watch.

I grown 'cum with me' as I push you harder my fingers filling your throat as you bite down on them. Shaking I hold ready to explode inside you. Watching you make eye contact sends me over the edge.

FUCK..... I unleash my hot load in your ass

I pick you up wrapping you in a blanket, carrying you into a bathroom sitting you on a small stool. I place a kiss on your eyelids as I reach over and set the bath running.

Returning to my office I thank the gentleman seeing them out and toss the envelopes into the bin (knowing they are full of monopoly money).I quickly tidy up, collecting a carafe of ice water, a bottle of wine and some chocolate.

Returning to you I set the drinks down making certain you eat a little chocolate and have the water. I test the heat of the hot soapy bath before lifting you in. The hot water immersing your sore body. I slide in behind you, opening the wine and leaving it to settle with the glasses. Taking the soap and massaging and kneading your skin with the hot water loosening your muscles up as I clean your body. Spending time scrubbing your skin clean slowly. concentrating on ever inch. Taking your head in my hands kissing your lips as I wet your hair my fingers massaging shampoo in slowly. Washing the soap from your body before pouring us both a glass of wine. Laying in the warm water as I trace my fingers over your body knowing that it's mine .

Standing you up and drying you off I carry you into the bedroom. I blindfold you before bending you over at the waist, I gently rub your pussy as I tell you how proud I am of you. I then place a leather training collar around your neck fastening it in place as I squat down stroking your breasts in my hands gently pinching your nipples. I bite your ear 'here's your reward little one'.

I push you against the bed kicking your feet apart, my hand stroking down your thigh as to your calf as you feel the heat of my mouth breathing over your pussy...
I gently suck on your sex the rough top of my tongue slowly running through your labia and over your clit. My fingers entering your tight pussy feeling the heat as they curl inside you. Resting them on your spot as I begin to run them inside you in a becoming motion.

Holding you in place by your pussy as my tongue lashes over your sensitive clit my fingers relentlessly pounding and rubbing your gspot. Slowly increasing the pressure until your squealing and shaking. Standing up working kissing your lips as I watch you fighting the sensation building within you.

I whisper in your ear 'it's OK, let go and cum for me'. You whimper as your body starts to shake, your pussy clamping hard down on me as your juices start gushing around my fingers. Pushing you harder and harder making you squirt.

Allowing you time to recover I wrap you up in the duvet and enclose you in my arms. Pulling your skin against mine as I get ready to sleep. Ready for a new adventure with you when I wake.

By Dee89 on Mar 2, 2019

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