Sex slaves party

Master phones telling you Im having a small party and your to arrive a hour early.
When you arrive there is a other sub waiting and I command you both to shower and changed into a sexy sluty corsets and garter belts and high heels and put slave collars round your necks.
There is a knock on the door, I order you to open it and when opened there are 5 guys in suits who enter checking you both out as I motion for them to sit and then tell you both to dance sexually like strippers for the gentlemen.
I instruct you both on what exotic moves I wont you to perform and commanding to lap dance all 5 men, you know there is no option but to obey or be punished and obey slowly dancing sexually watching the men getting horny by the second.
Master says now gentlemen we need to show my little sex slaves baby doll and lucy our appreciation for their dance then instructing you guys what to do in this session with my sexy fuck toys so they get the full treatment.
Your are both grabbed and thrown onto the big bed and as you turn around to see 6 men stripping their cloths off quickly and 6 big cocks stiff and standing to attention.
Two guys are on the bed in a flash and have hold of both your arms over your heads and pinning you down, while the others take hold your legs and pulling them wide apart.
As you look down seeing two men moving toward you both with stiff cocks in their hands, you wont to scream but excitement and a little fear stops you, as you watch them lower their heads and start to lick your pussy with long licks of their tongues as your feeling yourselves getting wet as they look up and saying..... "these are great little slave".... and push their fingers in your wet pussies and start to finger fuck both of you roughly.
Your both trying to get free, but the guys who are holding your arms moves is now kneeling on your arms and now holding your head and mouth open forcing their huge cocks into your open mouths to stop you making any attempts to protest.
while gagging on their cocks deep throating your mouths you now feel some thing huge pushing through your wet pussy lips and stretching it to the limit,The cocks start to thrust harder and faster into your pussy as you try to yell but the cock pumping your mouths limits you to whimpering grunts as you hear master say "give it to my cum fuck toys babydoll and Lucy boys they enjoy it rough".

You can feel throbbing cocks getting harder and faster and feeling helpless as one explodes cum into your poor tight pussy and in seconds the cock fucking your throat empties so much cum you cough and splutter trying to breath as excess cum dribbles out the sides of your mouths .
Their cocks now spent the four width-draw as you both lay on the bed panting, your faces wet and covered with cum and your pussies dribbling cum.
Suddenly your are grabbed by the hair and and man handled onto all fours , hearing masters voice say "its now your turn to fuck my little fuck toys" and before you both can catch your breath you feel another huge cock with no mercy ramming right up to their balls in your poor wet pussies, you both let out a loud grunts on each of their hard slamming thrust, as they pull your heads back by your hair, while master slaps your ass hard and tell you to "grip their cocks with your tight cunts and tell me what you are and how you like being fucked like a dirty slut".

Your getting so dizzy with the heavy pounding in your poor pussy and the rough fucking is overwhelming, a feeling comes over you as you feel your cunt spasiming and the your whole body is shaking and jerking as you both of you cum with loud grunting screams "Im your dirty whore to be abused and fucked like a dirty whores and I love being a fuck toy for U".

U collapse and before U can come to your senses are on your backs looking at the ceiling but your are both laying on top of a guys being held firmly with hands squeezing your tits and nipples, with your legs being held apart by strong hands and feeling your ass being pulled apart roughly, it is being invaded by hard cocks, U both are letting out a loud deep grunts each time the impaling cocks push in inch by inch, but quickly your moans and grunts are muffled by a cocks being forced again into your mouths with men who have straddled U both. Saying to your shelves what more can they do to us, and the answer comes quickly when U both feel the third cock sliding into your swollen cunts.So now my little fuck toy sluts U both have a cocks fucking your asses , another fucking your cunts and the third deep throating U both.The fuckings goes on for what seems ages, U feel U are going to pass out as each thrust of the cocks in your ass and cunt, your sure they
are getting deeper and bigger.Finally U feel the explosion of hot cum in your ass, followed shortly by the hard pumping cock in your cunts.and as lay there still impaled by these cocks the guys straddling U both pull out of your mouths and cum all over your faces.Now we have gang banged my little sex slaves well, we lay and tie both of U 69 together on the bed panting,in your corsets and garter belts covered and dripping cum. and strands of hair stuck to your faces and I command U both to lick the cum from each others cum filled cunts and asses thats what happens at my parties
Master Max

By master max on Feb 13, 2019

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