Telephone talk to office fling

I recently took over a new contract and needed alot of different ways to clear up the waste and rubbish before construction began. It was a headache and ended up using a waste management company to handle my needs. I was given an accounts manager by the name of Deva age 22 and very competent. We talked many times a day for months. The flirting began when I asked why she sounded fed up, she replied her fella was doing her head in..not giving her the right attention, anyways it turns out that he kept posting her for anal sex, she wasn't into it, and it pissed her off, saying to me she told him if he doesn't stop asking I will do it with someone else just to shut him up, well we laughed. I asked her if she had anyone in mind! To which she replied, for some reason I keep thinking of fucking you even though I have never seen you, your calls make me wet and my nipples hard.I laughed again..fair play anything you need. Hmmm she said I'm not going to make my commission before Christmas do you have any more orders to bring my tally up im 6k short, funny enough I do need suction tankers so get them here fast and I will make use....
In new year she called thanking me for the orders and getting her commissions, she asked me what type of lingerie I like, why ! ...well I will come to site for a meeting and I want you to give me my first time arse fuck. .well yesterday she turns up and she is sexy as fuck, introducing myself she winks and replies I actually fancy you smiling to the office and I offer a drink and before she gives an answer I started kissing her..dropping her coat and bag I'm straight up her blouse and rubbing her tits and nipples, off came her top revealing a black lacy bra sucking and softly biting her breasts she starts rubbing my cock and before I know it's in her mouth with no concerns about ripping my trousers off and sitting me down and licking all around my rim ...I had to stop her, standing up I turned her around whilst cupping and finger rubbing her nipples and slowly getting her skirt off I got to her clit and began to get her properly excited, she gave a little squeak before squirting into my palm, bending her over the desk and pulling her soaking wet knickers aside I started licking all around her rim whilst continueing to rub and finger her pussy she cum again, telling me more don't stop, she got so excited and turned on she kept pushing her tight little bum hole into my face, spreading her butt cheeks I put my tongue as deep as I could into the glory hole just as she squealed and cum again at this point I was totally turned on and slid my cock into her ass, wanting to give it her hard I took my time and slowly and more deeply, I began to speed up whilst telling her to talk dirty and if she likes being given a good butt fuck, she replies oh yeah it making me feel like a fithly little slut, telling me to pull her hair and to keep fucking her harder, I had my hands on her hips pulling her onto my cock. She started to finger and rub her own pussy and licking her other fingers slipping and rubbing them in and of my own glory hole she really went for it and found my prostate. Well my back arching and holding back I told she was turning me right on she began to moan and groan deeper and longer I tell her again that her body and sex was unbelievable and making the most turned on I've ever been and feeling her arse beginning to clench and asking me do you like fucking me in the arse you dirty boy and on replying yes she orgasms loud long and with a satisfied lust, squirting all over my balls and legs she goes all floppy, thinking to myself now I've got you, spreading her butt cheeks as wide as I could I really started to fuck her as deep and hard as I could she orgasms multiple times before I spunked like never before and feeling her arse going all slippery I was so turned on I managed to keep hard and gave her a nice slow finish, just enough for another little squeak. Pulling out of her and totally knackered she lay over the desk for a while before giggling and with her hair all a mess she mumbles I wasn't expecting that, sitting down in my chair she walks over adjusting herself getting on her knees and begins to rub and licking my cock, making sure we have eye contact she quickly has me fully bulging again before getting her two fingers up my rear and stimulating my prostate, thinking I have nothing left my back arching I explode into her mouth, making sure she swallowed every last drop.
What a meeting xxx love you Deva ..

By Andreas028 on Mar 16, 2019

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