Valentines adventures

Jamie only came down to uni to visit on Friday night, which left me free to be single on Valentines Day! So I took advantage by hanging out on Babble for a couple of hours, getting myself in the mood, before swimming for an hour, which always makes me feel invigorated. And in the evening I went to Harry's room, where we fucked...and it was the best with him yet! Usually when we fuck its a quick one because we're both bored, or sometimes an after hours thing when we've been drinking, but this time we planned a good 2 or 3 hours of exploring, playing - and I loved it! He ate my pussy, made me cum hard, and I gave him a blowjob till he was *that* close, before we eased off and just massaged each other for a bit, teasing and stroking, until we couldn't stop the urge to fuck. And I came hard again as he rubbed my clit while he was inside me, and he came too, and I was all flushed and sweaty when I lay on my back in his bed and messaged Jamie to say I love him and happy valentines day, which made me feel seriously naughty!

Still, it was really good to see Jamie on Friday night, its been a month and despite what I get up to behind his back, I do love him lots! I'm just greedy for new experiences, I hope that doesn't make me a bad person! He's only visited me at uni once before, and that was only for one night, and we had two together this time, and I really was looking forward to showing him around. I met him at the train station and walked hand in hand back to my halls, and made him tea while my friends were getting ready to go out. We had some drinks sat round the common room, and then went to a student bar, which was pretty good. Jamie's not really used to much drinking, but he had a few, and I did too, and we had a little dance and a little kiss. Nobody has much money so we didn't stay out too long though, and went back to our halls for more drinks there. He was a bit drunk by now and I was feeling...y'know...needy, so I took him up to my floor and to bed. It was fun undressing each other, feeling that this was MY space rather than having to be a bit more discrete at our parents houses for instance. I have to be honest though, the sex was underwhelming that time, he was too drunk and I probably was too. And of course, he fell asleep as soon as he'd cum, and I hadn't yet. So I lay there and made myself cum, and this is what I fantasised about happening...

I sighed as I saw Jamie asleep, and put on a big overshirt and slid out to go to the toilet. Wiping myself, a naughty thought popped into my head - he's going to be out for a while, maybe...I grinned and tiptoed back to my room, picking up my phone and leaning over Jamie to check he was still unconscious. I messaged Harry - "still awake?...xx" and got an instant reply "yh, why?" My heart was beating fast as I typed "my floor toilets, now!" and sent it. I bit my lip as I looked at my sleeping boyfriend, and slipped out of the door again, closing it softly behind me. The floor was quiet, there's often one or two people in the kitchen but they were either still downstairs in the common room or in bed by now, so when Harry was at the door I just grinned and opened it to let him in, pulling him into the toilet. "But Jamie?..." he started, seeing the look in my eye, I guess. "Asleep," I grinned, still a bit too drunk to properly have a conversation, but not too drunk to pull the shirt over my head to leave me naked. I sat down on the toilet and pushed his loose joggers down, he was only wearing them and a t-shirt, I guess he'd been in bed when he got the message. I stroked his semi hard cock, remembering how he'd made me cum only the night before, and leant forward to take it into my mouth.

Harry groaned, his hands stroking my hair. "You're so bad," he whispered. "Jess is gonna be here tomorrow..." I smiled up at him, knowing he really likes his girlfriend, but that he can't quite resist me either. "We gotta be quick," I whispered, stroking his now fully hard cock. I stood up and turned away from him, leaning forward over the toilet and spreading my legs. I knew he couldn't resist...he reached between my legs and stroked my pussy lips, feeling how wet I was, and stepped forward, rubbing his cock on my arse. "Uh, fuck, I didn't bring a condom," he hissed, and I trembled as I said it, but I said "doesn't matter, just...I need this..." and pushed back against him. I know he doesn't use them with Jess, but he always has with me before, and he knows I do with Jamie. I've only ever had sex bareback once before, but the danger just thrills me, and Jamie being so close made it even more thrilling! "Do it," I whispered, and knew he wouldn't resit again! He groaned and pushed forward, and I felt him enter me, so easily, it felt so right! He held my hips and pushed deeper as I rubbed my clit, holding onto the toilet with one hand, feeling like a cheap slut and loving it! I don't know how long it lasted, not long I'm sure, because I really was ready, and I gasped and trembled and he knew I was cumming, and I said "in me, cum in me..." and he did, he did, his hands holding me tight as I felt him let go! Oh god, it was so intense!

He pulled out and I stood up on shaky legs, feeling a blob of sperm escaping me, leant forward and stroked his sticky cock. "Thank you," I giggled, and sat back on the toilet as he pulled his joggers up. "You are so bad, what are you gonna say to Jamie?" he shook his head but he was smiling. I wiped my pussy clean, kinda liking him watching me, and told him he had to go now, that I'd see him tomorrow, and he nodded and slipped out, I followed him and closed the door, going back to my room holding my shirt. Jamie was still fast asleep, snoring lightly, and I considered my options. I definitely wanted to fuck him in the morning, but I guess I was unsure about letting him go down on me like he usually does before we fuck! Another wicked thought crossed my mind, and I went to the bin and found the condom we'd used about 40 minutes ago in there. I sat on my chair, watching him sleep as I fingered myself, rubbing Harry's cum out of me and over the condom, before reaching under the covers and rubbing my sticky fingers over Jamie's sleeping cock. He stirred slightly, but not too much, and I thought about how bad I was to fuck two different boys within about half an hour, about how bad I was to let my fuck buddy cum inside me while my boyfriend has to use a condom, about how bad I was to risk getting pregnant like this (although it's pretty close to when my period should appear, so I kinda think I'm safe). I lay there thinking about the morning, when I'd gently tell Jamie off for being too drunk to use the condom properly and being too drunk to even realise we'd had a contraceptive accident, and he'd be so sorry and I'd tell him it was okay, it happens, but that he really needs to make it up to me by making me cum on his tongue right now, and how bad I'd feel when he tastes me and thinks its a trace of his own sperm on my pussy. Another ripple of orgasm ran through me before I put the condom back in the bin and cuddled up to the boy I really do love, and went to sleep.

In real life, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be brave enough to fuck Harry when Jamie is around, but the thought of it really did make me cum that night as Jamie slept! And we did wake up together on Saturday morning and he did make me cum on his tongue and fingers, and I was imagining what he'd say if he tasted sperm on me! But when he looked up with my juices on his face, I saw love and desire, and we made love and it was perfect! The rest of the weekend was great too, we went out together, walked the city, and had awesome sex and lots of cuddles and slept together in my little bed, and woke up together and it was so nice! I introduced him to Harry and Jess, and kept my fantasy private even as I thought about what Jess was like naked and whether Harry loved her. It felt naughty, me and Harry having those secrets, Jamie and Jess in the dark. Maybe I am a bad person? Jamie left on Sunday afternoon, and Jess in the evening I assume. And on Sunday night Harry messaged me again, and I went back to his room, and we fucked again, using a condom of course! But I just loved fucking him with the room smelling of the sex he'd been having with his girlfriend only a few hours before, and knowing I was fucking a second guy on the same day. A happy valentines weekend, then, and another fantasy I'm sure I'll be revisiting on a few occasions when I'm alone!

Sexual Fantasies
By cutelittlemia on Feb 19, 2019

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DaveLaur- en
Naughty girl Mia - but nice.
You would be OK with me - I had the snip years ago. My ex-wife Maureen followed me to the toilet once - we were on vacation - all friends and families. I was in a cubicle having a pee when the door opened. She said - Joan ( a neighbour) wants to see your cock. So I turned to face them Maureen said - sit down. I did and by now I was HARD. Go on Joan - sit on it. She did and rode me cowgirl. I looked at Maureen and she was fingering her pussy Joan fucked me until she had cum - then Maureen took her place and they were kissing each other - WOW I thought. I hadn't realised she was Bi until then. It was the first of many threesomes. After all, who would suspect a neighbour visiting a friend for afternoon tea ?
You are a horny young fucker Mia - I would love to eat you and be eaten. PUSSY KISSES from Dave

from DaveLauren, 2 weeks, 6 days ago

HornyNic- k
<no subject>
Just reading your stories gets me so hard Mia xx

from HornyNick, on 10:06pm, 19 Feb, 2019

Tom_simp- s257
<no subject>
Amazing story (as always). Harry and Jamie are lucky guys

from Tom_simps257, on 11:20am, 19 Feb, 2019

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